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GDM stands for GNOME Display Manager, and is a GUI for the X11 system.

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2 answers

How can I enter Ubuntu desktop recovery mode?

I removed gdm and install lightdm, after that I am stuck at infinite loading. Pressed Ctrl + Alt + F2, unable to use TTY... And I cannot enter recovery mode by press shift... What can I do for it?
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Killing Power at GDM3 Login

I understand that killing power to a running pi without first shutting down can damage the SD card. Can Killing power at the GDM3 login screen also damage my SD card or do I need to run the GDM3 ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How do I install GDM on Raspbian?

How do I install GDM and any other necessary packages for it to run on the Raspbian image?
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When set to boot in to X-server, RasPi is booting without password

Regardless of whether I boot to a GUI or to the console, I always want a password enabled on all of my machines. I've looked at as many tutorials as I can find regarding this, and although there are ...
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Auto-start X-windows / gdm on the standard Debian build

I've built a bootable SD from the official Debian release. Is there an easy way to get GDM to auto-start when the machine boots (like a typical Linux desktop)? For bonus points, is there a way to ...
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