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Formerly (or also known as) "Google Home", Google Nest is software used to create Google Assistant based smart speakers and other interactive IoT devices. It can be deployed on a Raspberry Pi.

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RPi 4 B1 connects wired and phone hub, but not Google mesh WiFi

My new RPi 4 Model B Rev 1.4 connects wired on eth0, WiFi on my iPhone hub, but not on my Google mesh WiFi (Google Nest) on wlan0. I configured with the RPi imager on a Mac (brew install raspberry-pi-...
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Control Google Home devices with Raspberry Pi Pico [closed]

I have a pile of buttons and raspberry pi pico’s (I went a bit overboard when they went on sale), and wish to connect them to Google Home to control my devices. Basically, I want each button to do a ...
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Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror/Google Assistant

I installed a magic mirror software and installed google assistant with it but then after I started the module and tried giving a command everything but then the display shut off. The Pi still has ...
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How to get AIY voice project to shutdown with button

Greetings fellow raspberry pi fans! I use this code for AIY VOICE KIT google assistant. This kit uses a raspberry pi to run google assistant. So basicly you can build your own google home and control ...
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Activate Python Script through POST request

I installed and have running the google home + raspberry pi from: I modified the and codes to turn on an led ...
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