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The GPL is a popular open source software license. Complying to it becomes necessary when re-distributing parts of Raspbian , the Linux kernel and "image" files with GPL software.

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Commercial distribution of Raspbian with additional software

Am I allowed to add my application to the Buster OS and offer it a an img download file for purchase? I appreciate some people regard the Rpi as free to use but I am adding (hopefully) added value. ...
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Raspberry Pi Model 4 - Which nonfree parts remain?

As the Raspberry Pi Model 4 was released today, I reckon it's time to update this question. I'm aware of the fact that a lot of effort was put into writing usable free software GPU drivers as stated ...
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redistribute modified Raspbian

for kids educational purpose, I've made a "modified" version of Raspbian for PC. Pratically speaking, I've simply installed and configured some software (mainly minetest and its python api) and taken ...
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What licensing conditions do I have to take care about when distributing a commercial product based on the Raspberry Pi?

A product to be sold commercially is built around the Raspberry Pi. There is a proprietary hardware running its own software connected to the Pi, and a GUI application runs on the Pi itself. What ...
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