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Questions tagged [hard-float]

Hard-float is using the floating point unit on Raspberry Pi chip instead of the software floating point. Compiling in hard-float may result increase of FLOPS.

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2 answers

How can the x-tools C++ crosscompiler build code, which does not use the Pi's FPU?

After starting over with the x-tools C++ crosscompiler to build my Raspi apps, I found out that the app runs considerably (approx. 1/3) slower than when built with the g++ (version 6.5.0) on the Raspi....
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Raspberry Pi 4 Target Architecture Cross Linux From Scratch

I'm following the Cross-compiled Linux From Scratch - Embedded book. I need to know the following information for the Raspberry Pi 4B: Target architecture triplet - aarch64-linux-musleabihf. ...
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Building drivers for rtl8811CU/rtl8821CU

I've extracted driver from cd that came with my wireless card and modified it to build on kernel versions up to 4.15. Thanks to similar drivers already patched for new kernels it was an easy task. I'...
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How do you compile a c++ programs to use Hard Float in Raspberry using Debian OS?

How do you compile a c++ program to use Hard Float registers? It is said in the FAQ section of Raspbian that the following tags are the only ones required when compiling. -march=armv6 -mfpu=vfp -...
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float, stream and toolchain

I'm working with a raspberry 2 running Arch Linux a4h-rpi2-arch 4.1.12-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Oct 27 19:16:16 MDT 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux I got some problem to display float on cout using c++ ...
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How can I tell if Java is performing properly?

There are many different versions of Java and many instructions on how to install the fastest Java version on a Raspberry Pi. How can I tell if the one I've installed is using hard floats? Are there ...
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Parsing Double in Mono (C#) fails

I need to serialize objects to JSON. If I install mono from apt-get, serializing with does not work. I added this line into /etc/apt/sources.list: deb
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Compiling Mono 3.x on Raspberry Pi

To get rid of the soft float vs. hard float ABI problem I tried to install an up-to-date version of mono on my Raspberry Pi with git clone cd mono git submodule init ...
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3 answers

How can I tell if I am using the hard-float or the soft-float version of Debian/Raspbian?

Let's assume that I am dropped into a room with a Raspberry Pi running either Debian or Raspbian. How do I find out if it has hard float support or if it is just using soft float?
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Jamvm unable to run blocky on Arch Linux

I have compiled jamvm.I downloaded blocky for github and extracted it. Then I followed some instructions here and when I execute it: Error: jamvm VM not supported So I modified ./blocky-jamvm from ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Are there any technical limitations when running hard-float binaries on a soft-float OS?

Since the hardware is generally the same between Raspberry Pi's, the target hardware is known to have a hardware floating point unit. I also understand that some operating systems opt to use soft-FP ...
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Preparing for a binary distribution. Hard float, soft float or both?

I have some source code that I would like to distribute as a binary to users so they don't have to wait for about 20 mins for it to compile. However, I am a bit confused about hard and soft float ...
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How can I get and install Oracle's Java JVM for Raspbian?

A recent press release from Oracle suggests that they have just released a JVM for Raspbian. The key text is: Java SE 7 Update 6 introduces a JDK for Linux on ARM v6 and v7 to address “general ...
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Hard-float and performance

Ever since the official Raspbian image came out, there has been much talking about hard-float - often cited as one of the most prominent Raspbian features, promising "tremendous performance boost". I ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Can I install `libspotify` on Raspbian?

Is it possible to get libspotify working on the official Raspbian image? I installed it but couldn't figure out why my applications couldn't link to it: error while loading shared libraries: ...
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13 votes
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Why does python run relatively slowly?

I've been benchmarking the Pi on some of my simulation codes, relative to a couple of laptops I have. My codes tend to be floating point intensive, so I've been using Raspbian (which turns out to be ...
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