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Questions tagged [haskell]

a standardized, general-purpose, purely functional programming language with non-strict semantics and strong static typing.

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How to cross-compile a binary for a Raspberry Pi written in Haskell in Ubuntu Linux? [closed]

In the past I have compiled binaries for different architectures on an x86_x64 with the resulting target binary generated for a different architecture; For instance the target binary might be for ...
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bcm2835 library default SPI clock divider / Bosch BMP280 / Haskell HPi

I'm currently trying to access a Bosch BMP280 pressure sensor from Haskell using the HPi wrapper for the bcm2835 library. I have no experience in handling SPI at all and as documentation is extremely ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to use Haskell on Arch Linux ARM?

There isn't a ghc package for armv6, which is what the pi uses. It does not need to be able to compile on the pi, just run on it.
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5 votes
4 answers

Raspberry pi control GPIO with Haskell

I'm working on an home automation system with the raspberry pi. Currently I use python or C to control the GPIO and haskell/yesod for controlling everything from pc/ipad/phone... But I would like to ...
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How do I compile GHC if it depends on itself?

I am using Arch Linux Arm hard float and there isn't any binary packages for GHC available for armv6. How would you cross compile GHC for the Raspberry Pi so that I can compile Haskell code? Is the ....
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How do I compile cabal?

I am using Arch Linux ARM with ghc 6.12.3-1 and gcc 4.7.1-5. When I try to compile cabal[TAR] using: sh Error Checking installed packages for ghc-6.12.3... Cabal-1.14.0 will be ...
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