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IRC: Internet Relay Chat. A form of real time internet chat. Can be used for both communication and control of other computers.

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how do I make my irc public [duplicate]

I've recently been trying to make an IRC server on my home network (just a bunch of friends will be joining so I am not to worried about security) and I can't figure out how to allow my friends to ...
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How do I to get a Raspberry Pi IRC server to work?

I am trying to set up an IRC server with services on my Raspberry Pi. I googled around and decided on using hybrid-ircd for the server and hybserv for the services (nickserv, chanserv, etc.). So far, ...
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3 answers

Expected User Limit of IRC Server on Pi 512 MB?

Does anyone have a clue of the maximum number of users RPi 512 MB could handle if running an IRC server? I'm just looking for an approximate number, is it 100, 10'000 or millions?
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Is it normal to irssi freezes when receiving dcc?

I'm running it over screen with Raspberry Pi Model B, but when a streaming begins, I am unable to type anything, even Meta + Arrow doesn't work, but changing screen's window with Ctrl + A # works, so, ...