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JVM stands for Java Virtual Machine, and is a virtual machine that executes compiled Java code. It is also known as the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

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Why do I have to add arm architecture to use AdoptOpenJDK arm32 installation [closed]

I am packaging some JVM application with AdoptOpenJDK / 11 / HotSpot. I am using the arm32 build, which AFAICS is the only build suitable for Raspbian (running Buster). However, when I build my .deb ...
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How can I get and install Oracle's Java JVM for Raspbian?

A recent press release from Oracle suggests that they have just released a JVM for Raspbian. The key text is: Java SE 7 Update 6 introduces a JDK for Linux on ARM v6 and v7 to address “general ...
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How can I run Java software?

What is the best way to run Java code on the RP? Does installing the OpenJDK from the Debian/Fedora repos work OK? Are there tweaks one should use for improved performance? Also, is there a "light ...
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