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An LED, a light emitting diode, is a light source often used as an indicator.

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How can I turn the lights off on my pi?

I'd like to build a small internet radio out of my pi, but I'd like to use it at night, when the flashing LEDs would be disturbing. Is there any way to disable them?
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Why is a resistor needed for LEDs?

While looking for a basic task to get familiar with the Raspberry Pi and its GPIO pins, I decided that driving an LED sounded simple enough. While investigating how to go about this task I've noticed ...
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4 answers

Connecting blue LED (3.3V)

I've recently started doing basic diode connections (red and green diodes). I've also got blue diodes, but there's one thing that prevented me from connecting them already, namely - the specs say they'...
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Is it possible to connect an LED directly to the GPIO of the Pi?

I was wondering if it is possible to connect an LED directly to one of the GPIO pins of the Pi? The reason I ask is that, I have read from many sources that if I am not using some sort of break out ...
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Pwr LED is solid red, OK LED flashes green once, no display

Power is good - I've tested with a voltmeter. According to this link, the SD card image is not written properly yet: The Raspberry Pi cannot find a valid image on the SD card. Check card is ...
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RPi.GPIO turns pin on at setup

I have an LED connected to a GPIO pin and am using RPi.GPIO to control it. When setting up the GPIO pin, the LED blinks on ever so slightly when being initialized, which I don't want. import RPi....
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What's the Difference between Raspberry Pi and Arduino?

This question stems from a large lack of understanding, but it concerns a project I've wanted to do for a while. This is an Instructables page for an 8x8x8 led cube, and the 70th step addresses the ...
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Wiring RGB LED's

I was wondering if it is possible to connect 8 individual RGB led's much like the adafruit strip. I saw the Pumpkin Pi project and would like to build one. I don't have any yellow or red LED's, but ...
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What do I need to simulate traffic lights using LEDs?

So I'm making a model that simulates traffic lights (Red, Amber, Green) so there will be three LEDS that need to be preferably extendable (I don't want them attached directly to the breadboard) but I ...
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What do system LEDs signify?

There are 5 status LEDs on the Raspberry Pi board. While I can guess what the POWER LED signifies (the power being attached), I am not sure about other four. So, what do OK, FDX, LNK and 10M signify?
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How do I control the system LEDs using my software?

There are 5 LEDs on the RPi: OK, PWR, FDX, LNK, 10M. I'd like to know if it's possible to control any of these from software i.e. turn them on, or change intensity (or even change colour gasp). And ...
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Visual/audio status/activity indicators

What, if any, indicators of system status or activity are available on the Pi? Audio - I'm talking about a beep when it's turned off, or a series of beeps indicating POST information, etc. Video - ...
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