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Application autostart

I need to turn on a separate graphical interface when turning on the raspberry, where my application was loaded. I looked at a lot of manuals on google and even asked chatgpt. I have raspberry pi 3 B+ ...
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Change display manager from SD card

I installed xdm on my raspberry pi os with apt, at the end of the installation, it prompt me to choose default display manager and I chose xdm instead of previously installed lightdm. Now when I power ...
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Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspbian fails to load desktop on USB DisplayLink screens

When using a freshly imaged uSD card with Raspbian in my Raspberry Pi 4, after initial splash screens for setup/autoconfigure, I'm left with a black screen, with the text cursor blinking in the top ...
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After activating Watchdog on Raspbian the system goes to login screen when system reboots after freezing

I have made the necessary watchdog settings for 2021-12-02-raspios-buster-armhf in accordance with Watchdog on the RPi4 in the operating system. When I test the watchdog with fork bomb command sudo ...
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How can I enter Ubuntu desktop recovery mode?

I removed gdm and install lightdm, after that I am stuck at infinite loading. Pressed Ctrl + Alt + F2, unable to use TTY... And I cannot enter recovery mode by press shift... What can I do for it?
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Raspberry Pi Zero W auto login

I am trying to enable an auto login on a Raspberry Pi Zero W with Raspbian Booster 10. I am interested in the Desktop interface, not the Command one, which works with auto login enabled. I have tried ...
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Lightdm will not autostart

My issue is with Lightdm, it will not autostart, keeps going to CLI. From there I can type startx and it works fine. I have run raspi-config to set boot straight to desktop, seems to have been ignored....
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Raspberry Pi 4 becomes unresponsive after Chromium idle

I am building a kiosk application on my Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB RAM Version) that requires that Chromium continuously idles as a service. I created a supervisorctl service that will keep it alive and give ...
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Auto-login with other account than pi

I want to perform autologin with an account "baa_user" at boot, which is in his own group (baa_user) & have his own home folder, without admin rights at all. I tried almost all solutions that I ...
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kiosk mode: lightm toggles between DisplayServer x-0 and x-1

I am running a Raspberry Pi 3B with a 7" touch display in kiosk mode. I am setting up Firefox to start on a specified web page, and have to specify the X server display number. User pi is set to auto-...
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Failed to start Light Display Manager

I've been getting this error a few times but somehow was able to get through it by plugging in the hdmi cable (I use vnc). But now the I get this error even when I use the HDMI cable. I tried ...
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Not asked to login in Jessie Light after installing lightdm, xorg and xinit: why?

I have Jessie Light on my rpi 3 and have further installed lightdm, xorg and xinit partly following the instructions of this guide. But after booting, I am directly taken to a terminal window without ...
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Raspberry pi 3 startup problem after successful login

I have a strange problem with a raspberry pi 3 that has been working for about 6 months without problem. I had an issue with it today connecting to wifi so I tried rebooting it from the gui. After ...
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How to get desktop logon to work on Raspbian Jessie Lite (lightdm fail)?

Steps to reproduce: copy latest Raspbian Jessie Lite image to sdcard install updates, reboot run raspi-config, choose "boot into Desktop" from boot menu install lightdm package as suggested by raspi-...
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