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specific llvm version

I have a question, how to install a specific version of llvm on raspberry pi? I would like to install llvm-7, but sudo apt install llvm-7 does not work. Can someone please help? Thanks in advance
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llvm version 11 and librosa error

Best regards i need to download librosa to raspberry pi so first of all i downloaded virtualenv and created environment and installed llvm with: sudo apt-get install llvm pip3 install llvmlite==0.37 ...
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Pi wont boot from external SSD with ecrypted LUKS container and LVM partition layout

I want to achieve a setup in which I boot from an external SSD harddrive in an USB Raid enclosure. The root directory lies in an encrypted luks container. The boot partition is unencrypted The problem ...
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How can I re-recognize my Raspberry (4 Modell B) display (Bruphny 4.0) like it was recognized per default with a fresh Raspbian Buster install?

1. Summarizing the problem No display ( after LVM tutorial anymore. 2. Providing details and any research After using this Tutorial (Easy backups and ...
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How can I cross-compile to the Raspberry Pi using Clang/LLVM?

I would like to cross-compile C-family languages (C, C++, Objective-C, and Objective-C++) to the Raspberry Pi using Clang and LLVM on a build computer of a different architecture. How may I do this?
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Objective C enviroment

Do any of the standard distributions come with an Objective C environment? Is there anywhere to get prebuilt Objective-C compiler and libraries? I would prefer an answer which is based on Clang/LLVM ...
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