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locales are used for localization of a Linux system, e.g. to adjust language and keyboard settings.

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Transfer of Hebrew filenames from Windows - question marks

I have set up Hebrew localization on Raspbian Buster. Hebrew works OK, and I can save files with Hebrew filenames. However, files with Hebrew filenames which I transfer from Windows appear in the file ...
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SOLVED How to change keyboard without using raspi-config?

I have HypriotOS running which is a Raspbian Stretch version uname -a Linux test 4.14.34-hypriotos+ #2 Sun APr 22 15:29:32 UTC 2018 armv61 GNU/Linux lsb_release No LSB modules are available. ...
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Arabic/Persian file names of a fat32 file system displayed as question mark

The Arabic/Persian names of files that created on a fat32 file system flash drive,in windows, displayed as question marks in Raspbian. Ubuntu has no problem with fat32 name encoding. So the question ...
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Custom keyboard settings after reboot are gone

Is there a way to make changes made to keyboard layout using Keyboard Layout Handler Setting to survive a reboot on raspbian 4.4.50?
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How to change the language in XFCE 4 on Raspbian

I installed Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B). Since the user that will use it is Italian, I would like to set the language in XFCE4 to Italian. It seems that there is no panel in the settings ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 b+ WIFI Localisation

This is the file that determines if the wifi location has been set so i wanted to know how to alter it so it checks to see if the wifi-country is not set to enable instead. Any ideas?? So basically ...
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can't install locales HELP

When trying to solve this problem here How to fix perl : warning : setting local failed
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Problem with third key characters

I've just installed Rasbian, everything works well except the third key characters @, #, ], [ I use english locale and italian keymap. How could I solve this problem? PS: All the other ...
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