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add a reboot and shutdown button to top panel

I have just upgraded my Rasp Pi4 from Buster to Bullseye. I had to create a fresh installation but had copies of my previous disk image. I have managed to get most things re-installed but noticed I ...
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LX Panel Menu flashes at startup and then disappears

After an upgrade my Raspberry Pi stopped showing the default desktop menu with the app launcher. The symptom was that the panel would flash briefly 4 times before disappearing. Tracing it down lxpanel ...
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Display permanent label text in Raspberry Pi Task Bar

Referring to the Task Bar of pi's GUI (not the top of open application windows but the screen's task bar), I would like to display a permanent text label so I know which of many boot disks I'm using. ...
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Should the lxpanel Updater be used for the kernel and bootloader?

TL;DR: As of this writing, the lxpanel Updater applet somehow only updates the kernel modules without changing the system release. I want to know why, and point out that apt resolves issues. Backstory:...
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How to modify ~/.config/lxpanel/LXDE-pi/panel programatically

I am trying to read and write the panel configuration file (~/.config/lxpanel/LXDE-pi/panel ). I was planning to use some dedicated Python library for the purpose but I cannot recognise the file ...
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Open applications don't appear on panel

On my other RPi when I open an application a new panel item appears at the top of the screen in the bar. However on the other one this is not the case so when I minimise an application window, I ...
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How to get Nautilus as a desktop

Installing Nautilus is easy. But I can't manage to get Nautilus as a desktop. I have found forums around my topic but to no avail: Nautilus as desktop manager How to set wallpaper in Nautilus Desktop ...
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Bluetooth adapter can't be found after the latest upgrade of Raspbian

After the latest upgrade of Raspbian buster everything seems to be falling down. Softwares are crashing. And bluetooth adapter is missing. Also the bluetooth menu is missing. How can I fix this ...
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