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Questions tagged [malware]

Malware = "malicious software" such as viruses, rootkits, and trojans.

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0 answers

Security / Antivirus software for Pi OS - Raspberry Pi 4

I want to use a Pi 4 for internet banking. Now that hackers are specifically targetting Linux with new exploits i want a good security product. I have contacted Linux security software vendors such as ...
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1 answer

Can any model of Raspberry-Pi hold malware outside the SD?

Suppose I acquire a second hand unit, or maybe I lend mine to a friend. Can I be reasonably sure the unit hasn't been malwared? Consider the nightmare scenario. My friend borrows my Raspberry Pi but I ...
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what is /opt/UEZi5lcy service? [duplicate]

I found this strange service inside /etc/rc.local. I have never put it there and it replaced every line that i wrote. What is this service? I noticed it because it uses 5% of my CPU #!/bin/sh -e /opt/...
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rc.local and ssh problem while booting, endless process

Every time my headless raspberry pi Zero W (Raspbian Lite) with an hdmi display boots, I get the following endless output: I tried restoring the content of rc.local and it did run fine for a few ...
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