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The MATRIX Creator is a general purpose add-on board featuring a MEMS Microphone Array, microcontroller, FPGA, various sensors, etc. It is intended for use with the Raspberry Pi.

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Connecting 40+ transmitter coils to Raspberry Pi

I am currently working on a school project to make the wireless charging platform from scratch but with more surface for originality. My current design requires 42 transmitter coils and these coils ...
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help 32 by 64 rgb matrix pong game

Hi there i want to make a pong game i can currently get a image to display or images scrolling if anyone out there that knows how to do this or can help any info is much aprecitated import time from ...
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Error running micarray_recorder from matrix-creator-hal

I've compiled the demos for matrix-creator-hal and I'm trying to run micarray_recorder. It fails because the call to GetFPGAFrequency returns zeros. (This causes a floating point exception because ...
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how to configure the microphone array of Matrix Creator

Try to use the microphone array of Matrix Creator via JS, noticed the below JS testing code on github, but Any idea of the right configurations for these settings? many thanks // setup gain for all ...
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MATRIX Creator : Getting microphone input into pulseaudio?

A note on versions; PulseAudio 10.0 Raspbian - upgraded only (not dist-upgrade) to stretch to get Pulse Audio 10 ALSA reports the following virtual PCM interfaces; mic_channelX is the Matrix ...
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Setting up matrix-creator install and failling on "Unable to locate package matrix-creator-init"

Following these instructions to test out the matrix-creator board. Having issues with debian installation of the matrix-creator-init package Any help?
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Problem with everloop_demo from MATRIX Creator

I am attempting to set up and use the MATRIX Creator hardware. I have taken the following steps with a Raspberry Pi 3 and Matrix Creator attached (be gentle, I'm new to linux, RPI, hardware in ...
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Amazon Echo DIY with Matrix Creator

I would like to create an Amazon Echo using the Matrix Creator connected with to a Raspberry Pi. My actual idea is use a beamforming algorithm to define the direction of the sound and turn on an LED ...
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Creator Matrix "spi message" IO Control Software Issue

I've re-installed/restarted the installation process a few times. The demo software inside of "./matrix-creator-hal/demos" all result in the following... Keep seeing this as fast as the PI can spit: ...
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