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Questions tagged [memory-split]

On the Raspberry Pi the CPU (central processing unit) and the GPU (graphics processing unit) share the same RAM. memory-split describes at what ratio the RAM is allocated for the CPU vs GPU.

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GPU Memory for No gui Ubuntu

Context: I am currently running a RPi 4 8GB with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on an M.2 240GB SSD. This system has no gui. I use it for GitLab and CICD purposes. On a x86_64, I know we can get a way with 0M for ...
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Does Minecraft Pi use the GPU?

I'm trying to figure out how I should split the memory on my Raspberry Pi Zero W. All I use it for is testing my Python 3 Minecraft Pi code that I write on my computer, push to Github, and pull using ...
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What exactly does "vcgencmd get_mem arm" display?

If I execute vcgencmd get_mem gpu and vcgencmd get_mem arm I get the following output: $ vcgencmd get_mem gpu gpu=76M $ vcgencmd get_mem arm arm=948M However this Raspberry Pi has 4 GBytes of RAM. ...
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How do I set my gpu_split?

My Emulation Station keeps crashing saying I need to make sure my gpu_split is set high enough and/or switch back to carbon theme. Can someone help me dial this in? Any thoughts or suggestions are ...
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Pi 3B addressable physical memory

Using valgrind, I have found a program (written by co-worker) receives a bus error: Non-existent physical address at address 0x4859008 This had me wondering how physical memory was mapped. I read ...
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Pi 3 Model B+ can't boot after changing vRAM

I just got the device (Pi 3 Model B+) and am a total beginner. I'm using NOOB/Raspbian. Every time I try to change the video ram (either through the GUI or the config.txt) the device is unable to ...
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Does gpu memory affect video processing speeds using openCV or image array manipulations?

I am using my pi for video processing. The data transformations include image array manipulations and object detection. It does not include any video display. Essentially, the pi takes in a video ...
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Unable to set GPU memory split on Raspberry Pi Zero W

I have looked everywhere (both on and off StackExchange) for this but cannot get an answer: I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W, which has 512MB of RAM total. I am running it headless, so I want to ...
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How to force GPU memory to 0 on a headless server [duplicate]

Is there any way to force the shared memory to 0? I'm running Jessie on a pi3 (and a pi2 and a few zero-w's) as a headless server and only ever access it via SSH or a WebUI for certain services. I ...
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Extra 16M memory on Pi2/Pi3

My 1 GiB RAM Pi shows this: >vcgencmd get_mem gpu gpu=128M >vcgencmd get_mem arm arm=880M The former is specified in /boot/config.txt, but the total here is only 1008 MiB. What happened to ...
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2 answers

python slideshow runs out of memory

I'm working on a small project to turn an old Raspberry Pi model A into a photo frame. I'm using The script starts to run, shows the 1st photo and when transitioning to the 2nd photo it ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 has less than 1GB memory available at OS level

I don't know if it is a critical issue or not. But, I need to get rid of the question marks in my mind. I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 board and while I was playing with it, I realized that ...
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Raspberry PI 3 Increase Gpu Memory to 944 [closed]

I use Raspberry PI 3 and wnat to get more GPU memory to work. I overclock my PI to get more performance because I use it for home Apache/PHP/MySQL server, Access Point and somethimes play music and ...
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Understanding the memory map in QA7 document on the official website

The description of the first row says "GPU access". That looks confusing. Isn't the memory split for CPU and GPU usage? From most other sources the peripheral base is 0x3f000000. Why does it say ...
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Why does audio playback seem to depend on GPU memory?

I encountered a really odd behaviour with my Raspberry Pi B+, running a slightly modified version of Raspbian with a PiTFT screen from Adafruit. Because the screen cannot access the GPU I dialed down ...
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Optimum memory split for a RasPi 2 streaming movies

What's the optimum memory split for a Raspberry Pi 2 with 1 GB of RAM streaming movies.
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Fixing comxaudio decode timeout

On omxplayer, if I play a file, it often works the first time, then if I press q and play it again, I get COMXAudio::Decode timeout This apparently has to do with insufficient memory being allocated ...
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Memory split - How much is the GPU responsible for?

I am using my Pi2 to run some Python scripts that are heavily use the CSI camera (being pulled with the picamera module), being processed with OpenCV, and draw a GUI to screen (using the PyGame module)...
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What's the smallest amount of memory that can be allocated to GPU?

According to , the minimum that can be specified in /boot/config.txt is 16MB. Is there a way to shut off video completely and allocate nothing? I'm asking about ...
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Raspberry pi 2 1024M Increase Gpu Memory to 512 at least

I have a Raspberry B and a Raspberry 2. In the B model, I set the config file to gpu_mem_512=256 in order to get more memory for the graphics. It works fine. If I type the command vcgencmd get_mem ...
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Optimal gpu_mem_512 split for headless server

I own a Raspberry PI model B with 512MB of RAM. I am not running any graphical application on it. It just run a few services and when I need to administer it I do that via SSH. I see that my /boot/...
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Usage of graphics core for headless XRDP server

I run my Pi as a headless server, running (among others) XRDP. My question is this: does XRDP use the video core and RAM? If not what is the lowest possible memory split?
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