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4 votes
2 answers

How to use Rpi python to control PCM1802 24-bit HiFi stereo ADC and MAX4466 microphone amplifier

I want to get Analog Audio Input using a PCM1802 ADC Module and MAX4466 microphone module using python. It is actually a project for a very basic and introductory course about Arduino and AVR assembly ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Identify which microphone is on which audio card using arecord

I'm using a Raspberry PI and on it I plugged two same USB microphones. I would like to be able to identify which USB microphone is on which audio card when I list devices with arecord: arecord --list-...
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How can I amplify my voice in real time just like a microphone does?

I am planning to make a microphone and speaker system to amplify my voice just like a normal microphone does. I have a sound sensor and a speaker... is there any Python code that I can use?
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Reducing sound noise when recording with Pi

I am sure everyone trying to record sound with a Raspberry Pi has experienced a lot of issues with noise pollution. Although there is any number threads on various forum adressing this I have yet to ...
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Connecting 50 Microphones on a raspberry pi

I want to create a microphone array like in the image below... How can I do it for a raspberry device ? I want the input to be stored for a few seconds on the sd card, and not to have a live stream, ...
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Error in configuration for I2S microphone

I follow these directions to set up the Raspberry Pi for an Adafruit I2S microphone. The line to compile the module fails with a missing script: $ make -C /lib/modules/$(uname -r )/build M=$(pwd) ...
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