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Rpi Webrtc echo cancellation - aec

I am using Rpi-Webrtc-streamer for webrtc on raspberry pi with usb sound card connected to audio amplifier for speakers and electret microphone. I am able to run webrtc correctly but with issue of mic ...
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Multiple microphone recording

I want to record from multiple microphones into separate USB microphones on a Raspberry Pi. Is this possible? Do I need to buy some sort of USB sound card?
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Can't get bluetooth headphone mic working with pi

I am trying to get my Bluetooth headphone mic working with pi b+, my headphone gets connected and audio output is also working but its mic isn't working with pi. I had gone through several online ...
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Streaming microphone audio from Raspberry to PC and send back a responde created with a TTS software

The Pi will have a button and a microphone. The ideal scenario is like this: Someone presses a button The (USB) mic starts recording the audio (the recording needs to be saved for later research ...
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Connecting 50 Microphones on a raspberry pi

I want to create a microphone array like in the image below... How can I do it for a raspberry device ? I want the input to be stored for a few seconds on the sd card, and not to have a live stream, ...
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Constant beep when recording sound

I am using an external sound card with my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. I have already disabled the default bcm2835 sound card. I have checked that the my external sound card is active. I have turned up ...
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How can I amplify my voice in real time just like a microphone does?

I am planning to make a microphone and speaker system to amplify my voice just like a normal microphone does. I have a sound sensor and a speaker... is there any Python code that I can use?
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Using a bluetooth headset as both audio and mic on a raspberry pi

I am looking to purchase a Bluetooth headset for a project of mine and I would love it if I could use it with my raspberry pi The headset I am looking to get is this one:
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Having issues with connecting mini elecret microphone to the Pi

We have set up the ADS1015 on the Pi 3B+. When typing in "i2cdetect -y 1" this seems to work just fine. However, we have looked up every single tutorial on the internet, and we can't find any proper ...
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Using Earphones/Headphones with mic to give voice commands in DIY alexa on raspberryPi zero/3b/3b+

Can I use Using Earphones/Headphones with a mic to give voice commands in DIY Alexa on raspberryPi zero/3b/3b+ by connecting the 3.5mm male jack to the board via a USB type c/ micro USB adapter as the ...
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TDOA Estimate and Plotting results on Matlibplot

I edited the following code in order to the estimate location of sound source(drone) using four stereo microphones. The microphones are connected to Rpi 3 through a stereo to usb converter (HF0200C). ...
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getting command not found with "rec"

I am trying to get my microphone set up correctly for a magic mirror, but something tells me it isnt yet as I cannot get the "rec" command to work. It gives "-bash: rec: command not found" when I try. ...
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USB Microphone gives error 'Device or Resource Busy'

I've recently purchased this microphone for use with my Pi 3, but I can't seem to get it to work. I run arecord -l and the Pi can see my device: **** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices **** card 1: ...
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