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pymodbus rtu RS-485 communication

I have this little device for communication, and I can see the dongle after lsusb, and it is attached to ttyUSB0 (output from dmesg). Since the module has its driver that is installed to Raspberry Pi, ...
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2 answers

RS-485 and Raspberry Pi

How does RS-485 communication between Raspberry Pi and various sensors work? Note: I would like to use it with Pyhton 2.7. Can I connect ADM485 to the UART (Tx, Rx) of Raspberry Pi? I want to use ...
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Error in reading data with pymodbus

I have been trying to read data from a modbus slave device using pymodbus. After much research I found this code on internet. It is a straight forward code. I am able to read the data on windows but ...
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Modbus communication

I try to read data from a device by raspberry 3 B+. those two devices are connected via CH340G usb module (USB to Serial (TTL) adapter). Concerning the python code; here's: from pymodbus.client....
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