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Cannot lighten up 12V LED strip with Raspberry pi 3

Bought a 12V 5M RGB LED Strip a 12V 5A power supply 6 IRLZ44N mosfets. i am trying to light up the led strip with PiGPIO. followed the tutorial. and the led ...
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Driving 6 electric channels on/off and voltage (48A / 30-41V) from pi

I would like from a pi, to drive a current of 48A and regulate voltage between 30-41V (1440-1968W !). Furthermore, this current will be split into 6 input, and I would like to be able to switch on/off ...
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MOSFET conducts current when no gate voltage

I have a Raspberry Pi 4B and a MOSFET IRLB8721PbF ( I have wired up a simple circuit with an LED, resistor, the MOSFET and a 6V DC power ...
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Choosing a transistor/mosfet in order to drive Peltier element from a RPI zero

I just found these two (1,2) low power consuming Peltier elements that I would like to include them to my project. What I'm planning to do is to drive them until to reach some specific temperature e.g ...
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