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How do I set up networking/WiFi/static IP address on Raspbian/Raspberry Pi OS?

I have followed (any one of hundreds) tutorial, and it does not work. How do I set up networking/WiFi/static IP address on the Raspberry Pi? After the Foundation introduced the dhcpcd networking ...
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Prepare for ssh without a screen

I have a Raspberry Pi model B at home, but I do not have a screen. My plan is to connect it to the Ethernet and then ssh into it. But this means that the SD card with the operating system (Debian ...
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How to setup multiple WiFi networks?

I go back and forth from home to school with my Pi. I just got the WiFi working last night at home using wpa.conf instead of wpa_supplicant.conf as the book I was using had the walk thru for that ...
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Find Raspberry PI address on local network

I need to find the Raspberry PI IP address on local network without connect the Raspberry to a monitor. How do I do it on Linux or Mac OS systems?
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Differences between /etc/dhcpcd.conf and /etc/network/interfaces?

I have this configuration in /etc/network/interfaces: auto lo iface lo inet loopback allow-hotplug wlan0 iface wlan0 inet manual wpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf allow-hotplug ...
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How do I enable Wake On LAN?

My first thought was to simply start broadcasting WOL magic packets over the network, but my Raspberry Pi is not waking up. So I'm assuming it either doesn't support WOL, or I haven't properly ...
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Solving “RTNETLINK answers: File exists” when running ifup

I had this problem when I got my new Wi-Fi dongle and have seen a few people with the same issue. Basically when I have one interface configured and want to swap to the other one, it throws up this ...
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How do I modify my Raspberry Pi to be powered over PoE?

Is it possible to modify the Pi, so that it can receive it's power via Power over Ethernet (PoE)? I would like to be able to power my unit via the ethernet cable, so that I don't have to worry about ...
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18 answers

Easiest way to show my IP address?

After I've booted up, what's the easiest way to obtain and display the IP address that the device is currently using? I'm using Raspbian, and ifconfig doesn't appear to be installed. Are there any ...
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How can I protect against intrusion and malware before connecting it to the internet (especially on a public IP address)?

With the large number of Raspberry Pis in the wild, and the fact that large groups of them are configured identically (when a newly-flashed SD card is installed with one of the few available images), ...
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2 answers

Raspberry Pi not reachable via its hostname in LAN [closed]

My Raspberry Pi is not discoverable via its hostname in my LAN. I have a couple of other Ubuntu machines in the LAN, and they are all pingable via their hostnames. On my Raspberry Pi: pi@...
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What's the difference between `wpa-roam` and `wpa-conf` in the /etc/network/interfaces file?

I posted a question previously on how to set up a static IP address on the rpi and eventually figured out, along with some others, that the answer was to change wpa-roam to wpa-conf when pointing to /...
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"connect: Network is unreachable" on a working (connected) wlan0 interface

I finally managed to make wlan0 (an Edimax EW-7811Un USB WiFi dongle) connect to my router, but after an apt-get update I discovered that my Raspberry can't connect outside the local network. The ...
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Is it possible to set up a Raspberry Pi as a wireless router?

When using the Ethernet and a wireless adapter, is it possible to set up the device as a wireless router? If so, what software (and/or additional hardware) would be needed?
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8 answers

How to connect to WiFi without reboot?

I just put a freshly flashed card (with 2017-09-07-raspbian-stretch-lite) into a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Then I added these lines: network={ ssid="myWifiSsid" psk="myWifiPassword" } to /etc/...
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Raspberry Pi sleep mode, how to avoid

I use "wheezy" latest release. The device provides some web service features and supposes to be active 24/7. However if the server wasn't requested for certain amount of time (it is hard to tell exact ...
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38 votes
6 answers

IPv6 connectivity

Is IPv6 connectivity supported on the Raspberry Pi? If yes, is it enabled by default/how do I turn it on?
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SSH to RPi without a network connection?

Is it possible to SSH in to an RPi without a network connection? I could imagine that you could do it using a LAN cable from the computer to the RPi or maybe using a USB cable. I do actually have ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 - eth0 wrongfully named 'enx...'

My new RPi 3 device (yay) recently booted up with a deactivated ethernet. So i watched /etc/networks/interfaces and saw the line: auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp Calling ifup eth0 unfortunately gave ...
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How can I connect my Pi directly to my PC and share the internet connection?

What I want to do is to connect through SSH and HTTP to my Raspberry Pi without having to connect it to the router. I use the Adafruit's Web IDE to create and run my programs, and I'd like to access ...
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3 answers

Sharing the Pi's WiFi connection through the Ethernet port

I have a pi running the latest release of raspbian and it's connected to the Internet using a wireless USB dongle. What I would like to do, is to share the pi's wifi connection so that any computer ...
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11 answers

What are the possible OUIs for the Ethernet MAC address?

I'm setting up a computer lab in which many Raspberry Pis are going to acquire IP addresses via DHCP. I'd like to have the DHCP server to differentiate between Raspberry Pis and other clients. What ...
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30 votes
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Wifi - bring wlan0 up on boot

I have my network setting stored in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf and my /etc/network/interfaces looks like this: auto lo, eth0, wlan0 iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 inet dhcp iface wlan0 inet dhcp wpa-...
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6 answers

How to setup Network Manager on Raspbian

Is it possible to get Network Manager working on Raspbian? It's easy to install with: sudo apt-get install network-manager but I couldn't get it to manage any of my connections. Unfortunately, it ...
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8 answers

Can't get a CIFS network drive to mount on boot

I have added a share in fstab to access a network drive with all my files on... fstab looks like: proc /proc proc defaults 0 0 /dev/mmcblk0p1 /boot vfat defaults 0 2 /dev/mmcblk0p2 / ext4 defaults,...
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Where are nslookup and dig gone?

I installed my Raspberry Pi out of the box. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find neither nslookup nor dig. Where can I find them? Which package do I need to add? uname -a is: Linux brambleberry 3.12....
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WiFi disconnects after period of time on Raspberry Pi, doesn't reconnect

I was finally able to get my Raspberry Pi connected to a hidden SSID network (WPA2 Personal) using the below settings (not using wpa_supplicant.conf). However, after a few hours it disconnects and ...
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Why does my Pi always have the same IP address?

My router uses DHCP, and whenever I reformat my raspberry pi, even when using a different microSD card, it always has the same LAN ip. I'm not quite sure how IPs are assigned, but I assume the device ...
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8 answers

Force IPv4 address

I upgraded my Raspberry Pi to Jessie, which uses systemd. One side-effect is that it connects using IPv6 only and does not have an IPv4 address. How can I force it to get an IPv4 address from the DHCP ...
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2 answers

Howto migrate from networking to systemd-networkd with dynamic failover

Systemd's systemd-networkd can be used to replace the existing networking system on Raspbian. How does it work with Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi with two interfaces for ethernet and wlan? Can I also ...
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PI as a VPN router for local machines

I would like to enable couple of my machines to access the internet through a VPN connection. My idea is that the PI can simply dial in an establish a connection and then route requests from the other ...
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3 answers

How do I configure Raspbmc with a static IP address?

I have Model B and connected via Ethernet and running Raspbmc. It's taking new IP address whenever I restart it, of course may be because of DHCP, but I want to configure this Raspberry Pi with a ...
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Can't connect to Pi on local network via hostname.local on Windows

I'm setting up a Raspberry Pi for the first time, and have been SSHing into it on a Mac on the same network like so: ssh [email protected] However on my Windows 10 box (also on the same network) ...
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6 answers

Access network Samba share from Pi client

I've been using my PC to access the files on RPi, using Samba Server on RPi. But, Is there any way I could open Samba Connections on Pi? Like browsing Windows PC Samba Files on RPi?
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17 votes
10 answers

How to use SSH out of home network

I recently set up SSH on my Raspberry Pi. It has been going swimmingly, especially since I can control the computer through my iPhone with the app Server Auditor. Sadly, this only works through the ...
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Run all online traffic through an PPTP VPN connection

I would love to run all outgoing traffic (particularly torrent and web) through an PPTP VPN connection (to be specific a VPN). Everything needed to setup and more important to startup ...
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6 answers

Raspberry Pi connected to internet but can't SSH or Ping

I have a Raspberry Pi Model 2 running the newest version of Raspbian Jessie. My Pi is connected to the internet using an Edimax Wireless adapter, and I can download and browse the internet just fine. ...
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4 answers

Set multiple static ip in dhcpcd.conf - Raspbian 8 (jessie)

Trying to set two static ip in dhcpcd.conf, but second ip is not active. dhcpcd.conf interface eth0 static ip_address= static routers= static ...
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2 answers

ifup and ifdown do not work on raspbian stretch lite 2017-09-07-raspbian-stretch-lite.img

I just installed a clean image of the latest Raspbian Stretch Lite. Specifically - 2017-09-07-raspbian-stretch-lite.img ifconfig shows that my wifi interface wlan0 is detected and up. eth0: flags=...
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How to open a Raspberry Pi Linux port?

I need to open TCP port 25 on my Raspberry Pi 3. I watched videos on the internet re. iptables, nothing has worked. If you have a solution, using iptables or another method, that would be great. If ...
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5 answers

Falls off network ("Destination host unreachable")

I am running my Raspberry Pi headlessly, connecting via SSH over the network. I am having a problem that I can consistently reproduce. I will leave a Python script running on my Raspberry Pi and come ...
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3 answers

How to debug avahi-daemon? Hostname not coming through

I installed Avahi with libnss-mdns to be able to access my pi by hostname. Relevant info: $ cat /etc/hostname raspberrypi $ ps ax | grep avahi 2103 ? S 0:00 avahi-daemon: running [...
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4 answers

Why do the USB ports and Ethernet port share the same controller?

It is my understanding that the USB ports on the Pi share the same controller as the Ethernet port. This means if one was to use the Pi as a NAS, data transfer over the network would be restricted, ...
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Pi using a random MAC address after every reboot. How do I stop this behavior?

Recently, after I ran apt-get upgrade, my Pi 3 running Raspbian Jessie started using a random MAC address on eth0 after every reboot. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with the upgrade since I ...
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Force Raspberry to get internet from specific network

I configured my RPi to connect to a 3G dongle on boot by setting ppp and wvdial on /etc/network/interfaces The Pi boots up and I have internet connection. Perfect. Now my problem is that whenever ...
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Why am I getting far slower internet on my Raspberry Pi when compared to my Mac and Windows Computer

I have reasonably fast broadband, which on my Mac, using Safari 6, is perfect for my uses. Webpages load quickly, and I am extremely satisfied with it overall. My Raspberry Pi is another story. I can'...
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Open the network list with command line

I'm working with a Pi running Raspbian. Is there a way to open the network list with a command from the terminal? This is the list I mean: I have searched in the file ~/.config/lxpanel/LXDE-pi/panels/...
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How to change a wlan0 mac address?

I bought the Miniature WiFi Module from ADAFruit ( and was wondering if it is possible to change the MAC address associated with it. I have tried using the ...
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SSH - connection timeout when connecting

My RPi is running Raspbian. I am trying to get SSH set up. I followed these steps to get a static IP on my Pi: Since my PC was connected to the LAN via WiFi, I used ipconfig to get the IP address, ...
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Static IP Failing for wlan0

I am currently trying to set up my Raspberry Pi as an Access Point using hostapd using the following directions: RPI Wireless Hotspot Unfortunately, my static IP Address refuses to set at startup. ...
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