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Objective C is a general purpose language, and is a dialect of the C language.

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Does Raspberry Pi provide SDK for native iOS development (objective-c or swift) to communicate with each other?

I have a question, if we want to communicate with Raspberry PI device for either getting data or sending data on the device. For such requirement any SDK/Framework available or not. I want to get ...
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Compiling Objective C with Clang

I have installed clang on my Raspberry Pi. How can I compile a .m file (Objective C) through the terminal? Let's say I called it bob.m and I want the output file to be called bob and I'm already in ...
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Objective C enviroment

Do any of the standard distributions come with an Objective C environment? Is there anywhere to get prebuilt Objective-C compiler and libraries? I would prefer an answer which is based on Clang/LLVM ...
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