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Refers to the UK based, "registered educational charity" foundation responsible for the Raspberry Pi. This includes questions about information disseminated by them. Note that we are not affiliated.

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Are the Rpi CPUs fabbed specifically for Raspberry Pi Foundation, or are they "off the shelf" components?

I'm curious if these are identical parts to those found in other electronic devices, or if they are fabbed specifically for the Rpi. Most interested in the latest 3 and 4s, but the history of it would ...
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Are there 3D data available of the official Raspberry Pi case?

I have a project, where I want to use the official Raspberry Pi case. However, I have to make some changes to it and I was wondering, if the Raspberry Pi foundation made the 3D data of the case ...
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Is this a real raspberry pi 3 B or is it counterfeit?

Is this a real raspberry pi 3 B or is it counterfeit? Hello, I recently purchased what I believed was a Raspberry Pi 3 B. Now I am suspicious that it may not be. lscpu shows as below. But Raspberry ...
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Raspberry Pi Feature Requests?

Is there any place where the user base/community can submit feature requests to the Raspberry Pi Foundation? I would like to submit the idea that in addition to PXE (upcoming feature in future ...
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Is there an official Raspberry Pi site for computer scientists? [closed]

I understand that the official Raspberry Pi site is But it's designed for children, which makes me feel awkward visiting it and scrolling through the children's themes. ...
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Wiring diagram software

I am looking to document a hardware project my company is putting together. It consists of a Raspberry Pi prototype board and some basic circuitry. The tutorials on have very nice ...
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How did the Raspberry Pi get its name?

How did the Raspberry Pi get its very famous name? And who came up with the idea to call a budget computer after an item of food?
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Has the Rasberry Pi website taken on a new theme?

I was just popping over to the Raspberry Pi blog/official site to check out the news about a ported GPU driver (which can be read here) and I noticed that the site looks ... different. Take a look at ...
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