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Overclocking is a method of trying to operate a processor faster than the manufacturer-specified clock frequency. Use this tag for questions about how to overclock the Raspberry Pi.

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Boot config.txt is ignored

Problem The /boot/config.txt file is being ignored when the Raspberry Pi boots up. As such, overscan and overclocking settings are not taking effect. What I've tried Some reported that the line ...
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Overclocking Raspberry Pi after the device has booted

I using a Raspberry-Pi 3B+ device and I am trying to change the maximum frequency after the device has booted. From my understanding, this can be done by editing the files under /sys/devices/system/...
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Diagnosing Pi slowness?

How do you diagnose slow computing time issues on the Pi? I have Ubuntu 16.04 installed on a Raspberry Pi 3. All Ubuntu package updates are installed, and I've installed the most recent Pi firmware. ...
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What do following options mean in /boot/config.txt?

I have gone through many overclocking tutorials on the web. I have seen fewparticular lines in config.txt, sdram_schmoo=0x02000020 isp_freq=0 avoid_pwm_pll=1 avoid_safe_mode=1 Can anyone please tell ...
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Raspberry Pi 5 overclocking, multi core performance

I have several Raspberry Pi 5's with 8 GB of RAM, and am attempting to use them as payload computers to run some fairly intense software we've designed. I've overclocked them to 3 GHz without issue, ...
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Overclocking doesn't take effect on raspberry os 64 bits

I have a rpi4 8gb, running lots of dockers, and im having a heavy use of my CPU and I would like to oc it t 2GHz but I can't, I have set the over voltage and arm_freq but it doesn't work, I check the ...
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Cannot overclock --> black screen

When I try to overclock my Raspberry Pi 3B by editing the boot/config.txt file and restart, I always end up with a black screen. It will go past the "Welcome to Raspberry Pi Desktop" screen but after ...
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