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Questions tagged [overclocking]

Overclocking is a method of trying to operate a processor faster than the manufacturer-specified clock frequency. Use this tag for questions about how to overclock the Raspberry Pi.

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Monitor CPU voltage and overclock

Is there a way to monitor the current CPU core voltage and overclock, similarly to CPU-Z but for the raspberry pi? This is so I can check that nothing is limiting the overvolt or overclock.
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Best method to test if the Pi is stable after overclocking

What is the best method to test if a Pi is stable after overclocking? Primarily the CPU, but also RAM, GPU etc.
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Turbo doesn't kick in

I read this topic here: Why won't my Raspberry Pi overclock? but it seems a bit old to me and this line here echo 60 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand/up_threshold doesn't work ...
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Effects of overclocking

I would like to run Xfce, or any other GUI, as my desktop environment, but my RPi isn't powerful enough. I was wondering what damage overclocking will do to my board. I am considering it, but I don't ...
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Would overclocking a raspberry pi to "Medium" be dangerous to the Pi?

I am new to overclocking and just bought a Raspberry Pi to learn more about computers and run a Java server on. I was wondering: Would overclocking my Raspberry Pi to the "Medium" setting be dangerous?...
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Question about overclocking the Raspberry Pi

What are the downsides to overclocking (even on moderate mode) on my Pi other than it has the chance of becoming unstable? Also, if it does get unstable, is there a way to remove it from overclock ...
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Is there any use to water cool a raspberry pi? [duplicate]

Is there any use to water cool a Raspberry Pi? In other words, it is possible to overclock the RPi enough to have to water cool it? Or will there always be enough with just the heatsinks, or with ...
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Do I overclock my RPi without voiding my warranty using RASpi-Config? [duplicate]

I want to overclock my Pi to improve performance, while still not sacrificing the warranty. Yes they're cheap, but I still want to preserve the warranty. I have seen blog posts on RPi's website about ...
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7 votes
3 answers

How do I find out if my Pi's warranty is voided?

How do I find out if my Pi's warranty is voided? I overclocked my Pi, but I didn't use the force_turbo setting.
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2 answers

Overclocking via command line

I'm setting up a Puppet instance that will manage a bunch of RPis. This means I cannot overclock them one by one using raspi-config. Overclocking should be as simple as creating /boot/config.txt: ...
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How to overclock the Raspberry Pi with Kali Linux?

I've just installed Kali Linux on my SD card that I use with Raspberry. This new OS I think is very good, but at the installation I don't have the opportunity to overclock as it is possible with ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Why is my Pi running at 700MHz all the time?

My RasPi is configured to 900MHz overclock using raspi-config, but it keeps running at 700MHz even under load. I have found this answer already, and my system is also running with dynamic for info in ...
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How can I change the frequency?

I would like to change the frequency of the RPI, how can I do that, I'm using low level programming. Also how can I get the used memory and free memory?
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Does overclocking affect the SPI (APB) clock?

The current config.txt allows one to change arm_freq, gpu_freq, core_freq, h264_freq, isp_freq, and v3d_freq. In addition, there is support for the kernel to change clocks on demand and based on ...
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"shutdown -r now" crashed after overclocking

How I hosed my ext4 file system in the first hour with Raspbian: I have always used shutdown -r now. I tried this after editing my overclocking parameters manually. I remember setting arm_freq to 900 ...
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4 votes
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Overclock after power failure not possible

Immediately after install, I've overclocked my raspberry (1 GHz). After power failure today (the whole building) I can't overclock it again. First I tried: sudo raspi-config Then I tried to make the ...
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Why won't my Raspberry Pi overclock?

I edited the file /boot/config.txt to increase the CPU speed to 800MHz. dmesg includes the following line bcm2835-cpufreq: Freq 800000->700000 (min=700000 max=800000 target=700000 request=700000) ...
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Easiest way to return to a known good state when overclocking

If I try to overclock my Pi, I want to go up to the point where the Pi won't boot anymore, or won't be stable enough. At this point, I want to come back to the latest known good settings for the /...
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What are the overclocking capabilities?

I've not ordered mine (yet!), but I do some overclocking as a hobby to the extent that my netbook, Android phone, desktop, and even my wife's Blackberry are overclocked. Is there potential to ...
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