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Peripheral Component Interconnect, a bus for attaching peripheral hardware devices (expansion cards) to a computer's motherboard. (

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Is this PCIe to M.2 adapter good to attach Google Coral AI M.2 Accelerator A+E key

I wanted to connect a Google Coral AI M.2 Accelerator A+E key Edge TPU device to Raspberry Pi 5 to run an object detection model on it (which I ordered from this link), I ordered Coolwell for ...
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Docker not working on Pi 5 running Pi OS on NVMe SSD

Issue I'm trying to get CasaOS working on my Raspberry Pi 5 but I seem to be having compatibility issues with Docker. Basically when I install CasaOS on Ubuntu it works but if I try install CasaOS on ...
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CM4 + NVME + PCIe-USB3 adapter

I'm working on my carrier board, and my goals are to have NVME and USB3 ports and of course the USB2 OTG native to the BCM2711 all along side each other. I want fast disk io, which is done with the ...
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CM4 USB 3.0 Peripheral/Gadget Mode

The CM4 can be a USB 2.0 peripheral using OTG, but USB 3.0 (or higher) is not natively supported by the Broadcom chip. For the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B+, the VL805-Q6 chip provides USB 3.0 host ports ...
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What does "1-lane PCIe" mean on the CM4

I've become curious about what PCIe is capable of, primarily because the raspberry pi CM4 exposes a "1-lane PCIe" interface into the CPU. Example reference here
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Best way to connect 4 or 5 SATA HDDs to RasPi

I'm trying to figure out the best way to connect 4 or 5 3.5 inch SATA internal hard drives to a RasPi, haven't decided which one yet. Also, I don't want to connect a purchased 4 or 5 bay hard drive ...
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open, mmap pcie path CM4

I have a problem finding the correct path to use for open and then mmap. In another linux system I found the device at "/sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:01:00.0/resource0" but what should the path ...
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USB PCIe with RPi 4 for Graphics Cards?

So I found these USB PCIe adaptors on Amazon for a decent price. Given the new USB 3 capabilities of the RPi 4, would it be possible to use these to connect an older (not modern) graphics card like an ...
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Raspberry Pi as a PCI-Card

Is there any possible way to "mount" the pi 2B on a PCI slot? I would like to add RGB (for whole room) control in my computer case. It should also work if the PC is off. Therefore I considered ...
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PCI WiFi card on a raspberry pi

I want to know if it is possible and if it is how to connect a pci wifi card to my raspberry pi. Reason for this is simply the fact that i want to connect to a wifi signal and then use the pi as a ...
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How to send data back and forth between the Pi and a C# application on a Windows PC

I want to connect the Raspberry Pi to a few sensors and motors and then control it via a C# application I have written. After it has carried out the operation I want the Pi to send back data from the ...
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Connect PCI boards to RPi board

The Raspberry Pi motherboard is a GPIO board. Is it at all feasible to connect a PCI board to an expansion board which is connected to the RPi's GPIO pins? Do such expansion boards exist for RPi? I ...
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