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an improved model of the Raspberry 1 (released 2014), without onboard ethernet and only one USB port.

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2 answers

What are the differences between the models A and A+?

There are minor hardware differences between Model A (as released 2012) and Model A+ (as released 2014). What are they and what things can be done with an A+ the cannot be done with the A? Does ...
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Ethernet port on Zero and A+?

The Pi Zero and A+ both have what seems like space for an ethernet port on the bottom, in the section labeled J5: Is this really an ethernet port, and if so, how would one connect to it (provide ...
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Raspberry Pi A+ is saying WiFi is connected when it isn't

I have had a hard time with this Pi, finding the drivers was not a easy task, and now am experiencing a new issue. My WiFi dongle is flashing green (which is a good sign). In the GUI WiFi setup it's ...
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wake-from-halt on Raspberry Pi A+

I'm trying to use wake-from-halt on my Raspberry Pi A+, but it does not work. According to When using bootcode.bin dated 12/04/2012 or later, the same two pins (5 &...
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Does the Beckhoff profibus coupler work with raspberry through serial?

Problem I have a Raspberry Pi A+ and I've heard that there's a serial on /dev/serial0, which is actually symlinked to /dev/ttyAMA0. What I would like to achieve is connect the beckhoff I/Os to the ...
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How to get Nautilus as a desktop

Installing Nautilus is easy. But I can't manage to get Nautilus as a desktop. I have found forums around my topic but to no avail: Nautilus as desktop manager How to set wallpaper in Nautilus Desktop ...
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How to stream two live streams to internet on pi cams?

OK, so I'm thinking about a animal wildlife camera trap. I was do I stream two cams from a pi zero W? I can get an other pi (most likely a+) and have the a+ to give video input to the ...
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Can Logitech MK220 wireless keyboard and mouse can be used on the Pi Model A+ as supplied?

Can anybody please tell me whether the Logitech MK220 wireless keyboard and mouse can be used on the Pi Model A+ as is (ie. using just the one supplied USB port)? Thanks in advance!
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2 answers

how to setup raspberry pi A+?

I bought a raspberry pi a+, and wanna know how to install/set it up for the first time. I don't have a keyboard, and have a wireless adapter but don't know how to connect it "wirelessly" to my laptop. ...
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Raspberry Pi A+ does not boot

I have a Raspberry Pi A+ that does not boot. When I supply power both the ACT and PWR leds light up and stay on (no blinking). I get no image on the screen whatsoever. I tried: Formatting and ...
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How to setup SSH on a Raspberry Pi A+ Without using a USB Hub [duplicate]

I recently bought a Raspberry Pi A+, and I want to control it remotely with SSH, but I cannot set it up because it has only 1 USB port, which means I can plug in a mouse or a keyboard or a WiFi ...
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Where to buy Raspberry pi a+? [closed]

Just what the title says, where can I still buy an RPI a+ thats not a rip-off? It exactly meets my needs for my project!
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