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Raspberry Pi Pico W adds a 2.4GHz wireless interface to the Pi Pico

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Pico W OLED display garbled

I trying to get an OLED display working with a Pico W: micropython build: MicroPython v1.20.0-117-ged7a3b11d on 2023-05-24; ssd1306 library: micropython-ssd1306 v .3 When I run: from machine import ...
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How to convert photoresistor signal to simple Low/High digital on RPi Pico

I'm building a light-triggered sound puzzle for my kids, and I have seven pieces. A little bit like this toy: My plan was to plug 7 photoresistors to ADC pins on my Raspberry Pi Pico, but actually, ...
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ILI9341 Touchscreen Error

I'm using a Raspberry Pi Pico and an ili9341 touchscreen. To the codes below; import machine import ili9341 # Set up the SPI bus spi = machine.SPI(0, baudrate=10000000, miso=machine.Pin(16), mosi=...
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How can one make MicroPython HTTPS REST API requests on Pico W?

I'm unable to make MicroPython REST API requests from the Pico W. The WLAN connection is working but the API call fails. ► API call| Not working - Wokwi Pico W Simulator # Import modules import ...
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Running a webserver on RPI Pico W - but it never loads!

I have a question about a problem I'm having running webservers. I've been playing around with running webservers on an RPI Pico W, following the instructions on RPI's website (link here). My (well, ...
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Trouble coding test program to turn LED on and off

I'm trying to code a button to turn and LED on and off. from machine import Pin led = Pin(16, Pin.OUT) button = Pin(17, Pin.IN) while True: if button.value()==1: led.high() print(...
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OSError: -2, File "", line 76, in request

I am working with Pi Pico W, it is already connected to the Wi-Fi, I can see it in the ifconfig() output. Furthermore, I am using this urequests code from
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How to decode RFID value?

I am working on an attendance system project using Raspberry Pi Pico W, EM - 18 reader and MicroPython. Not sure of the tag type here, but I guess it is 125KHz tag. More, my card is keeping '29714856'...
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Pico W on Network w/o Password Auth & CircuitPython

I'm trying to connect a Raspberry Pi Pico W to my university network using CircuitPython. Our Uni network requires MAC authentication & treats Pis and Picos like they are other devices like a ...
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