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Questions tagged [pi-pico]

Questions regarding the Raspberry Pi Pico.

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12 votes
2 answers

How to get 5V power output from Raspberry pi Pico

After going through the Raspberry pi Pico datasheet it has only 3.3V power output. I want to power some devices that require 5V from the Pico. How can I get 5V output from the Raspberry Pico?
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3 votes
3 answers

pico pi rtc interrupt

I want to send an interrupt to the pico to wake it up every second to tick a battery-powered clock. I have an external RTC, the ds3231. I have gotten just about every other feature on the rtc to work ...
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Is there a python library to allow I2C between Pi (master) and Pico (slave)

I want my Raspberry Pi to control my Raspberry Pico. I'm trying to send bytes of data to the pico and then read the data on the pico so that I can take different actions depending on the data sent (e....
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SOLVED I accidentaly lightly hit my bread board with my pi pico and ili9341 on it now the ili9341 is just white [closed]

So i was in my chair and i clicked run script and when i got up i tripped and lightly hit my breadboard and then the screen (ili9341) went white. Before i hit it, it was working but not anymore. I ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Rpi Pico receiving on multiple UARTs

Expected behavior: in hardware I connect UART of a number 0/1 to the correct Pin numbers tx/rx and get it based on that connection Actual behavior: in hardware I connected UART of a number 0/1 to the ...
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2 answers

Power Pi Pico by applying 5 V to VSYS—any experiences with or thoughts on additional safety measures?

The official Pico datasheet chapter 4.5 suggests using either a Schottky diode or a P-channel MOSFET (P-FET; or a combination of both) when powering the Pico from an external power source (at least if ...
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2 answers

Rpi Pico MicroPythpn Controlling TMC2208 / TMC2209 / TMC2225 / TMC2240 Stepper Motor Driver Problem

I am new to using stepper motors and micropython. I am having trouble getting my stepper motor to turn. I am using a raspberry pi pico and a tmc 2208 driver to control my stepper motor. I can hear the ...
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Problem copying Micropython from Rpi2 to Pico

I am following this page for instructions: I see the pico added as a drive when I hold sel button, and apply power with the usb cable. ...
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Detecting connection between two arbitrary GPIO pins on Pico [closed]

I wrote a code that I run in Thonny which detects if a connection is made between the 3.3V output and a GPIO pin on the Raspberry Pico: print("Hello World!") import time import digitalio ...
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raspberry pi pico to pc communication

I have a raspberry pi pico and want it to execute files on my windows pc(for example: if I press a button it opens a file). Because I am new to microcontrollers I have no idea how to do this. there is ...
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Why does 5V make this relay not work properly vs 3.3 V on the pi pico?

I have a small hobby motor (5v) mounted with a hobby fan that is connected to Normally Open on the Relay (pic) and 5V Wall Power supply (via a barrel/terminal block adapter.) On the input side, the ...
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RPi Pico: Is it dangerous to set GPIO drive strength of 12mA on all the UART-related pins

I'm working on a project with the RPi Pico that makes use of both the UARTs and has two LEDs attached to other random-ish GPIO pins. The LEDs will probably be turned on for the majority of time that ...
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