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Solution to Picam(s) poor auto exposure with Motion?

i've got pi-cams: v1, v1 IR, v2 NoIR, v2 IMX219-D160 wide, and none of them can dynamically adjust it's auto-exposure/brightness by itself, when used as CCTV by Motion. they somewhat try but outputs ...
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Picam java library support for Raspberry Pi Zero

as Raspberry Pi Zero is based on armv6l, is it supported by Picam native library? Using the picam on Zero I get a proper JPEG, but with all pixels black. I wondering if there is an issue I should look ...
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How to protect picam flex cable?

i was wondering if it may be usefull to have a protection for the flex cable of the picam. My picam will work in really dusty area. I can't find any hardware protection for this cable (or maybe i ...
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