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Failed building wheel for av of OctoPrint-CrealityCloud-With-Video plugin

i've installed the OctoPrint-CrealityCloud-With-Video package inside a RPi 2B based on octopi-1.0.0-1.9.3-20231009154319. When i install it from the Plugin Manager i faced this issue and the plugin ...
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Display IP Address on LXPanel

I'd like to print on the LXDE Pannel (LXPanel) the IP address of my Raspberry Pi, so I can have a direct view about how to connect to the Pi from another computer when I reboot it, since its IP is ...
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Trouble getting Flash Player plugin to run under Chromium

I have just set up a Raspberry Pi 3 model B, which came with the "Boolean Box" for my daughter. Everything worked fine, but the browser that was on the SD card did not run Flash, which would be ...
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Raspbian image creation: install plugins with the Raspbian version of Chromium?

Is there a away to install pre-defined plugins with the Raspbian version of Chromium? I have been looking at editing and the image creator tool to include chromium with metamask by editing Stage 3. ...
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Change usb soundcard device sample rate

I have two problems with my usb soundcard. It shows only single input channel (even though it is stereo capable , tested in Windows OS which correctly identifies as stereo ) Shows only supports 48000 ...
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