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Questions tagged [power-light]

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Red LED blinking even though voltage is sufficient

The Raspberry Pi 4 of the robotic club has always been powered by phone charger adapters without encountering any serious issues so far, only occasionally receiving low voltage warnings. Today, when I ...
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Raspberry pi 3b+, 3 green flashes, no display at all

my raspberry pi 3b+ was used to catch flightradar 24 signals. Suddenly it stopped working. On close visual inspection there were signs of water droplets close to IO pins. Now it won't boot. Red light ...
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power failure - 2b1.1

a few weeks ago, my pi 2b failed to detect usb wireless adapter. yesterday, red power indicator flashed sporadically, but booted. today, it failed to boot. checked connections, tried different ...
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Raspberry Pi 3b+ - Turning off power LED from /boot/config.txt no longer works with kernal 5.15.56-v7+

I successfully turned off all my LEDs on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ according to this guide, by adding these lines in the /boot/config.txt: [all] # Turn off Power LED dtparam=pwr_led_trigger=none dtparam=...
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hi i have a problem with dht11 and LED

I want to record data from dht11 and turn on the LED in the same code the dht11 work good by separate code the led also work well by separate code the problem is when I make it one py code problem ...
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What would be a good indication to see when it turned off?

my issue is around knowing when the raspberry pi is turned off so I can disconnect it from the power supply. H.W - Rev 1 B+ Details on LEDs: PWR LED - ALWAYS ON if POWER SUPPLY IS CONNECTED ACT(...
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Red LED dim when powering on, and gradually brightens; No green LED; Potential power failure?

I tried plugging my Pi 4 in tonight and I couldn't shell into it. Turns out it never booted so I plugged it back in and noticed that it wasn't showing up on my Ethernet connections list in my router ...
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Raspberry Pi 3 B+ not booting up and SD Card socket overheating

My Pi has been working fine up until a few hours ago. These are some of the the problems I’m facing: On the Pi, the red power light is on but the yellow light isn’t. There is no display on my ...
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Green light always on after a while for Raspberry pi 3 Model B V 1.2 2015

I boot the raspberry pi correctly, the red light is on (solid light) and the green light blinks. After a while, (it can be few hours or a couple of days) the green light stays solid and it does not ...
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Normal Work of RPi 3B+

I am newbie and i want to understand watching only on indicators, is Rpi 3 B+ work quite well? I mean, are green and red lights should glowing both permanently together or red light can glows ...
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3 answers

Powering RPI 3 and using relay from same source

I want to build something of a smart home device such as a smart switch /outlet for example that controls something like a light. However, I don't know what the wiring should be Like, if it's possible....
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3 votes
2 answers

RPi-2 : Red led flashes after few seconds

I recently saw that my Raspberry Pi's red light (power light) flashes every few seconds. Is this normal? If not what could be the cause? I am using a raspberry pi 2 connected to a monitor, keyboard ...
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Lightning bolt then system crash. Only red light is on

I was using my pi 3 with the official power supply and compatible keyboard and mouse. I was just using geany like I normally would when the lightning bolt appeared (the sign for overloading the pi) ...
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Why is one of my Rpi3B power lights flashing? [duplicate]

I have a handful of Raspberry Pi 3B systems and one of them is doing something odd. It is working fine but the red power light is blinking. It is linked by serial to an Arduino Nano (to read ...
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