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Log into a Powershell session over SSH, but keep SFTP working?

I have recently reinstalled my Raspberry in an effort to try to get something useful out of it, so far so good, including getting .NET 8 running nicely on it. Since I have started to use Powershell, I ...
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Verify WiFi Settings Will Work via Command Line

I'm remoting into a RPi Zero W using SSH. The RPi is connected to the internet via Ethernet cable. I want to set-up the WiFi at the current remote location and check that it will work when the ...
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Writing a script to run multiple scripts on the Raspberry Pi, as part of a larger physical computing project [closed]

I am a beginner with raspberry pi and python, and I’m building an alarm clock project. Can anyone tell me how to write a script to call on all of the other scripts. For example, I have three scripts ...
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Powershell unable to connect to Win10 IoT

I am trying to connect Powershell to my Raspberry 3. However, I receive the following error message as soon as I execute: Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts -Value ...
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VLC player streaming doesn't starts when shell script executed from php file

My project is to start RASPI camera streaming from Android APP. When android app clicks a button, HTTP POST method accesses a PHP page on RASPI. This PHP page executes shell script which opens VLC to ...
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Soft reset shell script not working properly

Using the directions on this webpage, I downloaded I then created a script directory, "scripts" in /home/pi and placed the shell script there. I ran these commands: sudo chmod ...
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Is it possible to access the built-in serial and the gpio ports via powershell on Windows Iot?

Is it possible to access the built-in serial and the gpio ports via powershell on Windows Iot?
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PowerShell can't connect to Windows IoT

I am following the instructions from Using PowerShell to connect and configure a device running Windows 10 IoT Core to access my Raspberry Pi 2 with Windows 10 IoT via PowerShell. PS C:\> Enter-...
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