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Use this tag if your question relates the the programming language Pure Data.

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Can I connect to bluetooth audio and send audio OUT while using an external sound card for audio IN?

Sometime ago I used this helpful tutorial: How can I use an external USB sound-card and set it as default? to set my external USB sound card as my default. This has been great for me as I use external ...
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Audio Injector input to Bluetooth Output

What I am trying to do is have the audio come into the Raspberry Pi via the Audio Injector "Stereo" and then pass through the Pi and output the audio to Bluetooth speakers. I have ...
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What can I do? Installing software "E: Unable to fetch some archives" (Pure Data)

I'm trying to install Pure Data on my Pi with the command: sudo apt-get install puredata However, it isn't working and I'm getting the message: E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get ...
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Use Pi as a MIDI Controller Input

I know that I can build a custom MIDI-Controller with some external electronics. But isn't that possible to skip that part and connect the resistors directly to Pi? After I want to read the ...
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Getting Pure Data to work on Raspbian Jessie (giving Pure Data permission to access device?)

I’m new to Raspberry Pi and am trying to run Pure Data on it to control a teensy 3.2 using Open Sound Control which in turn controls some stepper motors for a pump just like here
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execute a line of code in the terminal after Pi is booting

I need to write this line of code on my Pi terminal in order to make my music software to work sudo systemctl restart my_puredata.service How can I make Pi automatically execute this line of code ...
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