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Building RAID fails

I try to set up a RAID1 on a RPi4 with mdadm. I struggled at various corners along the way. Since it still doesn't work, I'm not sure what's fixed and what's still causing problems. Equipment ...
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Connecting 2 SATA HDD to raspberry pi 4

I'd like to use a Raspberry Pi 4 as an NVR (CCTV camera recorder). I currently already own two 1.5TB low power SATA Hard Drives which I'd like to use in RAID 1 for redundancy. The Raspberry Pi 4 does ...
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Multiple SSDs on an RPi 4

I'm looking to build a RAID 1 setup on a PI to at least have a local NAS, if not a nextcloud-like setup (after two years living on a mobile hotspot, glass fiber is coming this week, yay!) I am a bit ...
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Move SD card from Raspberry Pi 2 to Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Simple/not simple question: is it safe to move the SD card from my existing Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B Rev 1.1) to the latest-and-greatest version? The existing Pi is running Raspbian Bullseye and a 4 ...
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Designing a small server on pi 4s cluster

i am a full stack and mobile dev and i am slowly getting into infraestructure. Since i am doing small apps for a maximum of 20 to 100 concurrent users, i want to make a small server and i thought of ...
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MDADM RAID 1 and Samba on gigabit ethernet only using 500mbps

I am using mdadm, samba and RPi4 to create a local nas for my house. It seems to work fine but when I transfer a file from the nas to my local machine, it doesn't use the full 1gbps and only uses ...
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Trouble mounting RAID 6 array

I am trying to build a RAID 6 array using MDADM (I want to use it as NAS to synchronize files between other devices). My setup consists of a Raspberry Pi 3B with 4 256GB USB drives plugged directly ...
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Can I span the SD card over IP like a USB device?

My issue is that I have 3 or 4 Raspberry Pis zeros, each with a 400gb sd card but I have a 500gb Bitcoin blockchain to store on it, that is growing very quickly. In theory, if I partition drive space ...
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Raspberry Pi NAS Server Which Is Also Accessible Via USB [closed]

I am planning to build a raid NAS server using my Raspberry Pi and going to use the tutorial found here. Is there a way how I can access the storage either through USB or the internet? More ...
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Raspberry Pi 4 NAS setup with RAID0 (for Remote Access)

I'm trying to setup a NAS server using my RaspberryPi 4 with two 2TB HDD's in a RAID0 configuration. I would like to have remote access from various other devices (Android phone, linux desktop, ...
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Installing Raspbian on mdadm raid

I'm looking to make a serious Raspberry Pi installation, and a micro sd card is not enough performance or redundancy for me. So I'm trying to figure out how to install Raspbian on a mdadm raid5 array ...
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Script for monitoring RAID status [closed]

I am looking for help with the creation of a script to monitor the status of a RAID implemented using mdadm. Is it possible to create is an icon that can be clicked on, script starts up and displays ...
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Raspberry Pi SD in RAID1 with a USB-Stick

I am using my raspi for my smart home monitoring and I don't want any system crashes because the SD card fails. So is there a way to build a raid 1 with the SD card + an additional USB stick (or maybe ...
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Can't mount RAID5 via USB: File too large

I have RAID 5 self-powered external array in here, and I can't mount it. pi@raspberrypi:~ $ lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT sda 8:0 0 36.4T 0 disk ├─sda1 8:...
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Pi with 2 sata ports [closed]

I am trying to build a small NAS with 2 disks in RAID-1. Is there a pi with 2 SATA ports? The performance is not required to be stellar, but I'd still like it to be direct SATA communication. I'm ...
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Raspberrry Pi 3 as a RAID

I found some articles that discuss the possibility and the technical details of building a RAID with USB drives using a Raspberry Pi. However, there seems to be nothing out there that re-visits the ...
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