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For question about Debian with Raspberry Pi Desktop - a operating system for PC and Mac with the Raspbian Look&Feel. Runs from a live disc, in a virtual machine, or installed on a computer.

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Building a Virtual machine with the .img file of the raspberry pi stretch

I would like to emulate the exact copy of my real RPi on another virtual machine. I noticed that the only working OS to build a virtual machine is the version RPdesktop. I need the specific OS version ...
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Auto-execute desktop shortcut problem

I have created file /home/pi/Desktop/DecoderPro.desktop with the contents [Desktop Entry] Type=Application Encoding=UTF-8 Name=DecoderPro Comment=JMRI DecoderPro Icon=/home/pi/JMRI/resources/...
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Running Hologram cellular network from startup issues [cannot run on rc.local or .bashrc]

I’m playing around with the hologram Nova cellular USB kit and I’m trying to create an automatic connection using the /etc/rc.local file. Hologram uses it's own way of connecting to a ppp0 network ...
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Boot time problem

i want to reduce boot time on my Raspberry Pi 3B+. I'm using this tutorial and i done 1,2 and 3 step. After this i reboot Pi and ...
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How to change back in default raspbian desktop preference?

This is what I did, I changed something in the repository listing and my desktop suddenly changed after a reboot. It looks good now but it is using more processor and increasing the heat of my board. ...
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