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Questions tagged [raspberry-pi-imager]

Raspberry Pi Imager is an an operating system installer, available for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu for x86, and Raspberry Pi OS.

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RPI-Imager Unable to Download OS List

I've downloaded the Raspberry Pi Imager for Ubuntu and attempted to run it with rpi-imager. This gives the folllowing output: QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSL_get1_peer_certificate qt....
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cloud-init fails on adding user

I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server (64-bit) on a Raspberry PI 4B. I've created an image with the Raspberry Pi Imager, with a user/password and SSH enabled. The cloud-init script fails when trying to ...
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Raspberry Pi Kernel Panic: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (179, 2)

During my attempt to install the Raspberry Pi 64bit OS on my Compute Module 4 Rev 1.0, I came across this issue. Kernel panic-not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,2) CPU: 2 ...
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Imager. Download corrupt. Hash does not match

I'm trying to create an SD card with Raspberry Pi OS Lite (64-bit). It writes up to 196% and then gives an error "The download is corrupted. The hash does not match." Is the SD card died?
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Meaning of error light pattern on Pi Zero W?

[Edit] I am having trouble getting a stock image of Raspberry Pi OS to boot on a Zero W. Using Raspberry Pi Imager 1.7 to flash the image onto a 32GB Sandisk SD card from a Mac M1. After inserting the ...
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Issues with creating an image that runs

I have a raspberry pi 4 and raspberry pi zero 2w at home. I have a single SD card with an image created a few years ago that runs the raspberry pi 4. For the raspberry pi zero 2w, I downloaded the ...
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Getting a "error creating userdata cloudinit file on FAT partition" on Rpi Imager while writing ubuntu server

trying to write a UBUNTU SERVER 22.04.01 for a raspberry PI 400 but it is always giving this error regardless of what SD card I use. Steps: Launch Rpi Imager Select General OS -> Ubuntu -> ...
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Fail to boot after freshly image from Raspberry Pi Imager: Wait for link TFTP

on the school I work for they asked me to setup two RBP 4 (2 GB) which only have to run a web browser to display info to the students. I have a couple of RBP 3 at home, which I setup some time ago ...
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Open Network for OctoPi

My college requested that I attempt to solve a list of 3D printing problems we have at the school. I decided that OctoPi was most likely the best option. Therefore, I have gone through all the simple ...
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On Click of Mouse opens multiple windows (for example multiple file explorer or terminal windows)

I am facing a issue where my mouse click is not working and it opens multiple windows . Point 1 : When I start my raspberry pi I see below in my home screen which did not appear before . Now when I ...
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Raspberry Pi 5 with Ubuntu 23.10 doesn't connect via Ethernet cable

I've installed Ubuntu 23.10 on Micro SD via Raspberry Pi Imager. To be 100% clear: in the Raspberry Pi Imager v1.8.5, I have clicked at (in the given order) 'Choose OS' > 'Other general-purpose ...
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Where does rpi-imager write Wifi information?

I tried the rpi-imager tool for the first time to write RPiOS to an SD card. I've always just used dd and then manually edited the cmdline and config files in boot/. I entered my WiFi information in ...
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how to use a 32 gigabyte sd card for raspberrypi zero w?

I've been trying to ssh to a raspberry pi with a 32 gigs sd card with no progress. I've been using raspberry pi imager for a while with other 16 gigs sd's on other pi zero w with expected results. ...
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Ubuntu Server 20.04.3 LTS won't open a login shell on Raspberry Pi 4 (screen turns off)

I tried to install Ubuntu Server using the official Imager (so without downloading the image myself) Ubuntu starts to boot, I see some command line output. Too fast to read it all, I see e.g. ...
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SSH not working on freshed installed Rasperry Pi OS with enabled ssh in Rasperry PI Imager

I have the Raspberry Pi 4B (2GB) and I'm trying to configure it without using a desktop environment. I'm using the official Raspberry Pi Imager v1.7.1. I'm installing Rasperry PI OS Lite (64bit). In ...
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