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Raspberry-Pi-OS-Buster is a GNU/Linux operating system derived from Debian 10 and the successor of Raspbian-Buster. The Raspberry Pi OS is the most widely used Pi based distribution and the one recommended by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, who distribute their own images of it in 3 flavours, a full version with Desktop GUI and recommended software, Desktop GUI, and a "lite" version without any GUI pre-installed.

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What are the pros and cons of the new Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye?

What are the pros and cons of the new Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye? Should I install it? What benefits does it offer over Buster? Are there outstanding issues?
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The usb-storage driver seems to be constantly accessing external USB drive on a Pi B+

Well, today is turning out to be a bit of a pain with disk drives (esp with zero sleep last night). I have an external ICY BOX JBOD box with one Seagate Barracuda and one Samsung Momentus drive in it ...
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problem with wlan0 on a rpi4 with raspbian + kodi

not sure if this is where i should be posting this, I've been using rpi 4 for a year now, and lately, it looks like wifi is disconnecting randomly (like a month ago i moved and now the raspberry is ...
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Does Raspberry Pi 64-bit (aarch64) OS support Pi Camera module?

Does Debian Buster 64-bit (aarch64) have support for Pi Camera library? I have recently installed a 64-bit Debian Buster OS on my Raspberry Pi 4B, I switched from a 32-bit (armv7l) OS version, because ...
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Running Script on Crontab but it doesn't access WiFi connection

I am running a script using crontab at reboot but somehow the part of the code where some file is being sent to a S3 bucket in AWS, doesn't work. I have included an initial wifi check in the same ...
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Black screen when trying to boot from SSD on a Raspberry Pi 4B

When I try to boot the Raspberry Pi 4B from my SSD, the screen goes black and the system does not start. This is my current hardware setup: Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB RAM. Crucial MX500 1TB SSD Hard Drive ...
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