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Questions tagged [resize]

Use this tag if your question relates to changing the size of filesystems and partitions, such as the root filesystem on the SD card.

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How can [g]parted be run against a PCI SSD?

My Pi 5 boots from a Pimoroni PCIE SSD. I should like to reduce the rootfs partition to give space for a partition separate from rootfs. If the boot order is changed to "sdcard, ssd", the ...
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How do I change the system font size back to default?

I was playing around with my pi and i changed by font size to the max (yes i know, very dumb of me). But now, the font is so big, that i cannot apply the new fontsize through appearance. I've tried 1: ...
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Autoexpand partition after first boot

I am using Raspberry OS for a batch of zeros, I wanted to prepare the OS one time and then flash the prepared image for the others. After flashing the OS I installed some useful things for later, I ...
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How to extend rootfs before booting

I installed raspbian on an sd card and then booted into a pi zero to do my required configuration and setup. I then made an .img off of this sd card which I'm planning to use in a manufacturing ...
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How can I figure out why two closely related Raspberry Pi OS image files vary substantially in size despite having nearly identical folder sizes?

I have two disk images, compressed with the xz algorithm and shrunk using the PiShrink tool, that are 669.5MB and 1.03GB respectively. The thing is, the smaller image was copied from the larger one ...
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how to copy sd-card whithout copying the unallocated space

I have a 32Gb SD card and I want to make a light copy of my os to make it work on a 16Gb SDcard. I wanted to copy just the allocated space so I used gparted to resize my rootfs partition. after that ...
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Installed Raspbian and can't backup with Timeshift

I haven't seen this issue posted anywhere else. It's not the same issue. Basically, I'm installing Raspbian with a fresh install. I boot into it and am immediately low on disk space. Here's why: df -h ...
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Shrinking image file I cant open [duplicate]

I have a certain custom Raspbian image downloaded from the internet for a project which I need to use. The file is a little less than 32 GB and I am having issues getting a card which can fit that ...
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3 answers

resizing the /boot partition after no space left on device

After some errors on the many pis I manage with raspbian buster, I had some no space left on device issues and saw that the /boot partition has only 54M /dev/mmcblk0p1 43M 23M 21M 53% /boot. I ...
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Expand file system not needed anymore?

Expanding the file system on the first boot of a fresh Raspberry Pi OS (buster) - or expanding it at all - has always been under discussion and there is a lot of material out there for how to do it. ...
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SD Card Resize on 32gb SD Card Raspberry Pi

I have a 32gb SD card in my Raspberry Pi. I'd like to make use of all the space, please can someone tell me how to resize? Disk /dev/mmcblk0: 29.7 GiB, 31914983424 bytes, 62333952 sectors Units: ...
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1 answer

How to resize a partition on a Raspberry Pi image, emulated on a Mac?

I followed this guide to emulate a Raspbian image on my Mac - the only change I made was to use a Buster Lite image. The Image boots perfectly well, and I can interact with it either via the popped-up ...
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Determining correct image size for Raspbian backup to fit only real data on rootfs

I regularly backup my Raspi using a script that rsyncs rootfs and /boot onto a image created with losetup. This is the current branch I am working on:
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Compressing SD Cards & Kernel panic 179,6

The recent years I used a script to shrink my SD cards and then make an image from them. The good thing was it was rapid (~15min) and the image was also tiny, e.g. after a Rasbian lite installation ~2....
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