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Use this tag if your question relates to changing the size of filesystems and partitions, such as the root filesystem on the SD card.

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how to copy sd-card whithout copying the unallocated space

I have a 32Gb SD card and I want to make a light copy of my os to make it work on a 16Gb SDcard. I wanted to copy just the allocated space so I used gparted to resize my rootfs partition. after that ...
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2 votes
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Determining correct image size for Raspbian backup to fit only real data on rootfs

I regularly backup my Raspi using a script that rsyncs rootfs and /boot onto a image created with losetup. This is the current branch I am working on:
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Installed Raspbian and can't backup with Timeshift

I haven't seen this issue posted anywhere else. It's not the same issue. Basically, I'm installing Raspbian with a fresh install. I boot into it and am immediately low on disk space. Here's why: df -h ...