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I inverted 2 GPIO pins. Is pi4 dead?

friends. I plugged in an LCD screen using single cables and accidently inverted the two top pins, numbers 1 and 2 as per the image reference. So 1 on the screen went into 2 from the Pi and vice versa. ...
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How to restore /bin/sh

Sup yall, I was trying to fix GUI login or restore password issue on Raspberry Pi 4. There are so many topics and several solutions to solve a problem where you're stuck into a loop asking for a ...
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Pi4 backup/restore of /rootfs partition from bkup_rpimage

I've done a bkup_rpimage onto a USB3 drive using: From: But try as I may, I haven't found ...
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Boot in emergency mode after restoring the Pi

I wanted to have a backup system for my raspberrys using Raspbian: simple, versioned and automatic like Time Machine on my mac, so I installed Borg Backup and started saving the full system on an ...
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backup my whole raspberry pi so i can restore without re-installing or reconfiguring [duplicate]

I thought i did it all right. I had an image and backups from my raspberry When the Raspberry crashed I thought: "just plugin the copy sdcard in another raspberry and run" But it wasn't that simple (...
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Are there Restore Points alternatives on Raspberry Pi?

I have the following problem - we are distributing Raspberry Pi devices with our some software installed into it to our clients. Occasionally we need to update the current state of their OS (for ...
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I've flashed my Pi's SD card to reset it to a earlier state using an img of it but I'm getting this error in etcher all the time

This is the error that I’m getting in etcher. I've also tried the macOS disk utility tool to restore it but I'm getting errors there too. The error message is German but it says something like the ...
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Restoring backup of /etc on new disk image and best practices

My Pi crashed and lost data recently but I had an old backup of /etc and /home. When I reflashed the SD card I used a new OS, my question is can I just replace this /etc with the old one? I’m happy ...
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How do I make the OS reset itself every time it boots up?

I'm looking to set up a simple system for public usage, probably with Raspbian. I would like to set it up to be a specific way, and have it stay that way. The goal is for the entire OS to wipe and ...
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Crontab not wrote into schedule after reboot and always restore to a specific time

I have a tiny computer, raspberry. It's a good computer. Recently, I got a problem when it run crontab and the problem is as this title. Otherwise, the system is always to restore. After editing ...
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Restoring a Raspbian system with an rsync ssh backup: permissions at backup time

I have a Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspbian Jessie. It is being used as a reverse proxy for my various self-hosted services, it is running openHAB, it is my mosquitto server, etc. I would like to create ...
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Recover Files From Non Bootable Install

I'm working on a project for work involving Python code and some hardware components. I recently attempted to install some drivers to get a small touch screen to work and now my Pi won't boot. I've ...
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How to clone Raspberry Pi SD Card on Windows, Linux, and macOS? [duplicate]

I want to make a back up of my raspberry pi because I have done a lot of work and repeating the process would take a lot of time. How does one go about making an image of a Raspberry Pi SD card for ...
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Restore My Raspberry Pi from copied files

I needed my Raspberry Pi SD card for something urgently one day so I just quickly copied the files from the SD card directly into a folder on my Windows desktop. I know I should've made an image file ...
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Cloned Jessie image fails to acquire a dhcp address

I have a very nasty issue with Jessie :-( Background: I wrote a tool called raspiBackup which backups and restores a Raspberry and because it works fine for me and helped me multiple times to recover ...
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