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Questions tagged [revision]

This is for questions about how to check what type of board revision you have.

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Differences between B0 and C0 steppings of the BCM2711

I just acquired a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 4GB RAM. The processor stepping (revision) is B0 (the heat spreader says 2711ZPKFSB06B0T). It seems to be stable at 2.0 GHz with over_voltage=6; it'll ...
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What Revision(s) does cat /proc/cpuinfo return on the new Pi 4 1/2/4GB?

To enhance my bash script decoding the Revision returned by cat /proc/cpuinfo I'd like to know what the RaspBerry Pi 4 codes for ModelName,Processor and Memory are. (my own one is still underway) ...
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Raspberry Pi 2 revisions

In electronics many boards go through revisions as various chips are end-of-lifed orreplaced for cost cutting. In industry this is very important so that we can have a stable base for several years. ...
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How can i detect which board i am using through the i2c of the raspberry pi [closed]

I am working on a project where i moved from raspberry pi model B to B+. So i need to change my audio driver to work on both models by doing some GPIO changes . The requirement is, i have to find ...
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How to know which revision the rpi board belongs to using c language program

I need to do some changes in my audio card driver on the raspberry pi board. What I need to do is: I have to check which model board it is and then I have to program the GPIO's based on the revision ...
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13 votes
2 answers

How does a program check whether it's running on a 512MB RPi?

Do the 512MB RPI's have a different board revision? ie, can you just look at the revision in /proc/cpuinfo to determine if you have a 512MB RPi? Otherwise what's the easiest way to check?
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3 answers

How can I visually identify which board revision I have?

This question asks about using /proc/cpuinfo to identify the revision of the board I have. Are there any visual characteristics that differentiate between the different board revisions?
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3 answers

How can I identify from command line which board revision I have?

I just ran cat /proc/cpuinfo on my board. I get "Revision : 1000002". I've failed to find any mention of which version of the board this is. Any help?
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What are the software implication of changes in Model B, rev 2.0?

As described in, there are various changes. Does this affect software that isn't using I2C or the new GPIO signals? I'm assuming I wouldn't be using the ...
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