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Real time video processing in raspberry pi 2

Hi i am planning to do real time image processing using opencv python for a differential drive bot using raspberry pi 3 B, what are the factors do we need to consider(like video stabilization, etc...) ...
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MG996R jittering

I'm working on a project of a camera connected to a robotic arm that moves when my face is about to get out of the frame. I'm using 3 Tower Pro MG996R servos and they are connected to my raspberry pi. ...
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GPIO pins with pijuice hat

I am currently building a website controlled bb8 based on a raspberry pi 4b, and 2 12v motors controlled by a wma4000 relays module(4 relays, 2 for each motor are used to move forward and backwards). ...
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Undervotage detected while using UPS hat (b) on wheel robot

I am doing a mecanum wheel robot project included 2 motor drivers l298n. I use raspberry pi 4 GPIO to control the motor drivers and my power supply for rpi is an UPS hat (b). I keep receiving ...
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A Micropyhton abstract robot library for pi-pico based robot kits

I'm looking for a slightly higher level Micropyhon library for pi-pico based robot kits. There seem to be many simple robot kits with similar hardware on the market at reasonable prices, but the ...
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Freenove Camera not able to interface with Raspberry pi 4 + Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

I am trying to work on a project where I want to use ROS. However, I found that for using ROS Noetic, I will need to install Ubuntu 20.04 on my Raspberry pi 4. Now, I bought a camera module (Freenove ...
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Threading using Python in Raspberry Pi for GPIO inputs

My self-working on encoders of differential drive robot, I need to read the speed and position of wheels using two encoders simultaneously. I have used the threading library in Python even though I ...
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Use raspberry pi pics to record rpm on a wheel

I would like to use a raspberry pi pick to record the rpm of a wheel on a rc car. There will be a contact on the wheel, and a contact on the body of the car. As the wheel turns, if the two contacts ...
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Best way to send movement commands to pi robot over network from computer

I am planning a project in which I will be controlling a robot I will make from my laptop. I am connected to the pi over an ad hoc network. I want to be able to give it simple key board commands (like ...
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How to detect the position and rotation of objects in Python?

I'm building a robot that needs to detect the position and rotation of multiple trained objects from a single image. For this I'm using my Raspberry Pi 3B with Raspberry OS 64-Bit. I tried Localizer ...
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Two-way connection between a PC and Pi via Ethernet cable

I'm planning to establish an ethernet connection between a PC and a robot(with the Pi on it and the robot and PC being around 30ft apart). I would like to use the Pi to control operations onboard(Pi ...
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Odd results when using RPi.GPIO's event_detected() function

I've recently been experimenting with RPi.GPIO's event_detected() function, to check if a button (connected to the gpio) has been presssed. However, for some reason events would randomly be detected. ...
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