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LAMP stack on a Model 1 B+ Pi

I have just dusted down my Model 1 B+ RPi and installed the latest Raspbian version from the RPi website. I was following the instructions in Eben Upton's "Raspberry Pi User Guide (3rd edition)&...
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PrimeOS 2.1.0 rpi 4b dsi display dont work

Good morning. I have a dsi touch screen thats works with all distros android on my rpi 4b, but dont work with PrimeOS 2.1.0. The rainbow appears but after, don't show anything. All distros android ...
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Raspberry Pi SSH Tunnel Service Error: Code "255/EXCEPTION"

I am new here. I've recently implemented an SSH Tunnel Service on my Raspberry Pi. Here's the configuration of the service: [Unit] Description=SSH Tunnel with target server [...
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RPi Connected to Router via Ethernet but not to the Internet

I am using my RPi for some time now as a family server mostly for file sharing. Up till now I never had to access the internet via it (to the best of my knowledge). But now I would need it to access ...
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Mhs 3.5 inch display trouble - screen rotation disabled?

Two days ago I started experimenting with Raspberry PI 4B and a 3.5 inch MHS display as described here: I started, of course, by installing Raspberry PI ...
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Portable power RPi 3B+

What's the best way to power a RPi 3B+ in an open field? My requirement is to put this system out in the field for at least a week without attending it in a stretch. As per basic calculations, the ...
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Power Supply Calculation

I'm getting confused with the way I should calculate which power supply to look for; I am using a Raspberry Pi 4b. The max current draw from the power supply I would require would be 2A, but I need ...
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MT7601U Wireless Adapter only works if connected after boot

I'm using a Raspberry Pi Zero W, with a USB hub and adding a second wifi. If the dongle in question is connected after boot, it works flawlessly: Bus 001 Device 004: ID 148f:7601 Ralink Technology, ...
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RPi zero W auto power up / down by available power

I want to run a RPi Zero W on a crude solar panel and battery or supercapacitor. I understand the pi has an input range of 80-120A or so, and needs a minimum of just 2 volts. This makes it ideal for ...
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