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Questions tagged [rust]

Rust is a next generation compiled, statically typed language developed by Mozilla.

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Learn "rust raspberrypi os tutorials" got error "rust-objcopy:no file or folder",make error 127

I am learning by an new ubuntu 22.04 in virtualbox 1 install some tools:gcc,make,curl... 2 follow the readme said,install docker and &...
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Bluetooth 1200ms delay on Raspberry Pi using bluez (GATT Server)

I have set up GATT server on Raspberry Pi, and I am experiencing huge delay of about, 1200ms. To check delay, I am using nRF Connect on iPhone. I am using Raspberry Pi zero w and bluez bindings for ...
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Raspberry Pi Mailbox Interface Difficulties

I have been working on a bare metal program on my Raspberry Pi 3 B and am currently working on using the Mailbox Property Interface. I have been able to use it to initialize a framebuffer using the ...
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Creating an OS for the raspberry pi in rust, booting from it

I was following this tutorial on how to make your own basic OS for an x86_64 system in rust, but wanted to do it for an ARM64 target, specifically, the raspberry pi 4. I am at the point where I have ...
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What should I look for to find the proper GPIO chip on the system?

I'm using the Rust gpio_cdev library. This uses the GPIO character device, rather than the deprecated sysfs. With the character device, you need to tell it the proper gpio chip to use. My code might ...
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libc 2.29 on buster

I am trying to use my new Pi 4 to run a Rust executable that I compiled on Linux but it will not run because it needs libc 2.29 and it appears that buster comes with libc 2.28. Is it possible to ...
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