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Questions tagged [rust]

Rust is a next generation compiled, statically typed language developed by Mozilla.

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Creating an OS for the raspberry pi in rust, booting from it

I was following this tutorial on how to make your own basic OS for an x86_64 system in rust, but wanted to do it for an ARM64 target, specifically, the raspberry pi 4. I am at the point where I have ...
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Learn "rust raspberrypi os tutorials" got error "rust-objcopy:no file or folder",make error 127

I am learning by an new ubuntu 22.04 in virtualbox 1 install some tools:gcc,make,curl... 2 follow the readme said,install docker and &...
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Bluetooth 1200ms delay on Raspberry Pi using bluez (GATT Server)

I have set up GATT server on Raspberry Pi, and I am experiencing huge delay of about, 1200ms. To check delay, I am using nRF Connect on iPhone. I am using Raspberry Pi zero w and bluez bindings for ...
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