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scp not working but ssh works well

I have just done a fresh install of Raspbian 64bits light. When i do ssh username@ipaddress scp The ssh connection works well the raspberry gives me the help toward scp When i logout and then from ...
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Transferring files from raspberry pi 3 Model B+ to raspberry pi zero v1

I have a raspberry pi zero v1 and a raspberry pi model 3 B+. The second one has some testing files i want to transfer to the first one. Right now i’m ssh’ed into both raspberry pi’s (I’ll call them rp’...
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Restore files on Raspberry Pi SD card remotely

I usually remove the SD cards and use the balenaEtcher to format and rewrite my previously backed-up image from my laptop to Raspberry Pi. Is there a way to do this job or at least restore an entire ...
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what is the equivalent of scp for the serial console?

I am configuring my raspberry pi device of the serial console (like this How can I do the equivalent of scp? ...
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When uploading from WinSCP: How to mount an external samba drive to give all users write and file rename permissions? [closed]

I have a raspberry pi behind a Fritzbox router that also doubles as a nas with a drive connected via USB. I have mounted the nas to the pi's "/media/fritzbox-usb" directory and would like ...
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sftp, scp to GoDaddy server Permission denied

I am trying to sftp or scp from the command line on my Pi to my GoDaddy server. I'm able to connect to the server with CyberDuck on my Mac and on a windows machine but I can't get my Pi to connect ...
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how to transfer file to Windows 10 PC using SFTP command?

I'm trying the following command from the Pi to the PC ( sftp [email protected]:/C:/Users/Desktop/testtest.xml But I get this error: ssh: connect to host port 22:...
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How to remote to Raspberry Pi from outside local network?

I have a Raspberry Pi, and I can connect to it and remote acccess it while I’m on my local network just by doing ssh [email protected]. But now I want to be able to access it when I am on a completely ...
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How to scp full directories from pi-zero to my pc via ssh

Is there any command or way to essentially "scp" a full directory from a raspberry pi to my linux PC using ssh?
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input/output error using scp with external HD

I'm not sure if this forum is most appropriate to ask. However, I'm transferring large batch of files from a external HD via scp, between a raspberry pi and my desktop Looking back, many of the ...
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Python script to send files from RPi to a Windows PC executed from the RPi and not from the PC

I'm very new to the RPi world. I have a Raspberry Pi Zero and I want it to send a file via SCP to my Windows computer. I can enter my RPi via SSH from my PC and I can extract files from it and move ...
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Abysmal data transfer rates using WinSCP with Pi Zero W

I am getting no more than 300KB/s (occasionally dipping below 100KB/s) transferring files from Pi Zero W wirelessly to Windows 7 machine on same network using WinSPC. I have done the following so far:...
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scp from raspberry pi to android device not working

I try to send text files from my raspberry pi 3 to my android phone, with the following line: scp -P 2222 /mnt/extsdcard/download/sent.txt [email protected] home/pi/test.txt is my ...
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How can I use scp/ssh in a cron script without entering a password?

I have a script that goes out to 5 other Rpi3 computers and collects data from them using scp and puts it all out on a flash drive. (Then later it gets picked up from the master Pi by a Windows Task ...
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Wi-Fi transfers hang on Raspberry Pi 3

I was trying to transfer a 50 MB file to my Raspberry Pi 3 via samba and I noticed that after few seconds the transfer slows down until it stops, same thing via scp. It starts but after few seconds (5-...
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How to use MATLAB at host PC with Raspberry Pi

I'm trying to connect MATLAB with raspberry pi 2 b+. have already instlled the raspberry pi addon on MATLAB at the host LAPTOP. The configuration - Matlab(Host LAPTOP)-<---->ETHERNET<---->...
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Will an automated scp script share files between Pis without Passwords?

I am planning on sending some files within an Ad-Hoc network of Pis. Build Raspberry Pi - 2 Model B Debian Wheezy 7.10/7.11 I am planning to run a cron job between the Pis in vicinity. Through ...
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