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For questions about how to disable the default Raspberry Pi screensaver, and also how to stop the Pi from going to sleep.

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Carplay on Pi4 is not affected by screensaver?

Raspi4 running OpenautoPro. Using a working Carlinkit dongle for my Iphone. That works fine. The problem is that for some reason my screensaver runs behind the Carplay interface defeating the ...
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I don't want to play with it right now. The screen is on all day

Just installed Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard with a monitor for my daughter. She has a game of xsolitaire up and went to school. That game is still on the screen 5 hours later. How to turn on sleep or ...
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Raspberry Pi Flurry Screensaver

I have a Raspberry Pi that I am modding to put in a gutted iMac G4. I want it to look as authentic as possible. Has anyone ported the Flurry screensaver to the Pi? I did a Google search but didn't ...
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Custom Screen Saver Raspberry Pi Bulls Eye

Has anyone come come across an updated tutorial on setting up a custom screensaver for the raspberry pi bulls eye? The current ones I have come across use omxplayer which is no longer supported. ...
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How do I enable both a locked-screen and no HDMI signal to monitor?

I have the latest Raspberry Pi OS (Debian Bullseye) on a Raspberry Pi 4. I want to achieve a setting whereby after a period of time the session will lock and no signal will get sent through HDMI so ...
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Raspberry Pi screensaver/DMPS on/off to trigger shell script on change

I've got a touch screen without backlight control and and turning off the HDMI-output just brings up a "no signal" placeholder on the screen. I've soldered a octocoupler to the power toggle ...
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Screen locked after screensaver blank screen only

Using xscreensaver I'm trying to suspend/blank the screen (essentially turn it off to save power) without locking but I don't seem to be able to do this. I'm using the official 7" touchscreen. I have ...
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Raspberry PI 4 Chrome Menu Board Issues

Hello everyone pretty new to using raspberrypi. So a resturant I use to work at bought a service where someone makes they a digital menu thats hosted on the web. The reason for it being on the web as ...
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Raspberry Pi goes blank after 10 mins or so, until the resolution is changed. and repeats

so I just got a really cheap and free desktop monitor from work, that's like 1280x1024 resolution. Now when I first connected the pi to the monitor it failed to boot at all... which was weird, but ...
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Putting the monitor into true power saving mode

I noticed that when the screensaver is activated (Pi4 & Raspbian) the monitor doesn't actually turn off but rather a black picture is displayed. After extensive investigations on Google and in ...
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Disable automatic locking of screen (and all other interruptions)

I installed xscreensaver to avoid screen sleep and other interruptions, because I'm showing a feh picture presentation on a HDMI connected TV 24/7. I managed to disable screesavers and screen ...
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How to do I reenable display sleep?

I recently installed a Hyperpixel touchscreen on my Raspberry Pi 3, but I don't want to leave the screen on 24/7 to avoid damage and because an always-on display doesn't fit my use case. Before I put ...
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How to set screen saver and a password

I have program which is starting on boot when raspberry powered up. What I want to do is prevent someone to plug a hdmi cable and see desktop of raspberry. Is it possible to set screensaver? Of course ...
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Fade screen on sleep and brighten on wake

I'm looking for a way to control the screen brightness from code. I saw this post but this just turns the screen on and off. How can I dim the screen before it goes to sleep instead of just turning it ...
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Turn Pi Screen on and off programmatically

I have a RPi3B with the RPi 7inch screen attached. I am running Jessie, but will re-image it to stretch soon. I would like to turn the screen on or off via Python. For example, when I ask what is the ...
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How to control screensaver in Raspbian Stretch?

Brand-new Rpi3B+ with a brand-new download of Stretch. Made sure everything is up to date: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y sudo apt-get autoremove -y sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ...
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Put screen into power save mode instead of screen blanking

All normal PCs' default option for screensaver nowadays is to simply turn off the hdmi screen after some inactivity. But for the Pixel gui in Raspbian the default seems to be to turn all pixels black ...
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How do I prevent the screen from going blank only during certain hours of the day?

I am running Debian on my Pi and I'm using it for a magic mirror. I originally wanted to just prevent the screen from being blank after 10 minutes and keep it on 24/7. So I opened /etc/lightdm/lightdm....
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Disable Screensaver of XServer on Raspbian Jessie Lite

I setup a Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian Jessie Lite in read only mode. To run a Qt application I installed the packages "xserver-xorg" and "xinit". I am starting the application automatically after ...
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How do you turn off the screensaver in Raspbian?

Simple question: how do you turn off the d*mn screen saver in Raspbian for Pi 3 Model B? It keeps popping up even if I leave Chromium looping a video in Kiosk mode. I tried the solution from this ...
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How to stop console xscreensaver from affecting remote connections?

I have a Pi 3B set up as a workstation. Naturally I want xscreensaver to kick in at some point then lock it some time later. That all works fine. However, I also use xrdp with Windows Remote ...
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Disable "Black screen" on raspbian jessie lite [duplicate]

I set up a raspberry pi to run as a dash/infoboard. To do this, i used midori and uncutter(to remove the cursor) and start it up from the ~/.bashrc file, like so startx /usr/bin/midori http://google....
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New OpenGL Driver Sleeps on HDMI output

So Im tinkering with the new (experimental) OpenGL drivers for the raspberry pi. The driver seems to work somewhat so far, but has a really aggravating issue which only happens when the OpenGL support ...
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How to avoid screen turning off

I am using a Raspberry Pi connected to a TV (monitor) to show some information; it is inactive most of the time. My problem is that the screen turns off every five minutes. This is what I tried with ...
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HDMI -> VGA idle power?

I have a HDMI -> VGA cable for my Pi that works well when I want to use it. The cable stays slightly warm even when not in use, but connected - I would like to know if it's possible to "shut down" ...
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Wake console screen with SSH

Avoiding installing anything or rebooting, how can I "wake" the TTY1 display via SSH? None of the suggestions (Stopping Raspberry Pi display sleep) worked on my running Pi. From what I have read ...
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Raspberry Pi + Raspbian, "The screen saver strikes again"

Thanks to plenty of clear and sufficient advices about getting rid off 'screen saver', I can say I am pretty experienced in that field (at least theoretically)... However I did not solve the problem ...
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Disable screen blanking in X-Windows on Raspbian [duplicate]

We intend to use a RPi at work to drive a status display panel - it will show our project's bug status and a few other statistics of vital importance. I've been trying stop the screen-saver from ...
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