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For questions about how to disable the default Raspberry Pi screensaver, and also how to stop the Pi from going to sleep.

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Disable Screensaver of XServer on Raspbian Jessie Lite

I setup a Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian Jessie Lite in read only mode. To run a Qt application I installed the packages "xserver-xorg" and "xinit". I am starting the application automatically after ...
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How do I enable both a locked-screen and no HDMI signal to monitor?

I have the latest Raspberry Pi OS (Debian Bullseye) on a Raspberry Pi 4. I want to achieve a setting whereby after a period of time the session will lock and no signal will get sent through HDMI so ...
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Raspberry PI 4 Chrome Menu Board Issues

Hello everyone pretty new to using raspberrypi. So a resturant I use to work at bought a service where someone makes they a digital menu thats hosted on the web. The reason for it being on the web as ...
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How to do I reenable display sleep?

I recently installed a Hyperpixel touchscreen on my Raspberry Pi 3, but I don't want to leave the screen on 24/7 to avoid damage and because an always-on display doesn't fit my use case. Before I put ...
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Carplay on Pi4 is not affected by screensaver?

Raspi4 running OpenautoPro. Using a working Carlinkit dongle for my Iphone. That works fine. The problem is that for some reason my screensaver runs behind the Carplay interface defeating the ...
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Custom Screen Saver Raspberry Pi Bulls Eye

Has anyone come come across an updated tutorial on setting up a custom screensaver for the raspberry pi bulls eye? The current ones I have come across use omxplayer which is no longer supported. ...
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Raspberry Pi screensaver/DMPS on/off to trigger shell script on change

I've got a touch screen without backlight control and and turning off the HDMI-output just brings up a "no signal" placeholder on the screen. I've soldered a octocoupler to the power toggle ...
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Raspberry Pi goes blank after 10 mins or so, until the resolution is changed. and repeats

so I just got a really cheap and free desktop monitor from work, that's like 1280x1024 resolution. Now when I first connected the pi to the monitor it failed to boot at all... which was weird, but ...
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Fade screen on sleep and brighten on wake

I'm looking for a way to control the screen brightness from code. I saw this post but this just turns the screen on and off. How can I dim the screen before it goes to sleep instead of just turning it ...
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