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For questions related to screenshots.

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Make screenshot of a program without being connected to a monitor

I am working on a project at a company where I read the temperature of a machine with a raspberry pi. I have downloaded the necessary program and can use it through Wine. In addition, I have made a ...
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Need to take a screenshot headless

I have a weather station and take a screenshot of a webpage ( once an hour to integrate into my display which runs on a Pi 3 It was working perfectly until I had an SD card crash and had to ...
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Screen Capture on Windows 10 IoT Core to Remote Server

I have a device that is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 running Windows 10 IoT Core connected to a 7" touchscreen display and I am trying to figure out how I can take a screenshot every 15 seconds and ...
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Capture a screenshot by keyboard shortcut?

scrot works on my RPi-3 to take screenshots. However, the terminal window to run scrot will also be included in the screenshot. I understand I can use delay and minimise the terminal window, but it is ...
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Is there a way to take bigger resolution screenshots via retroarch rgui option?

I am running retropie 4.x.x the latest version. When taking a screenshot during a game via the rgui it saves the screenshot with a resolution of 853*480. Is there a way to get retroarch to save them ...
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Print screen button not taking screen shot

Raspbian, with kernel 4.4.38, and pixel desktop fails to take screen shot when I press the Print screen button. I don't know what the normal key-binding for the print-screen button is. in other ...
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Taking a screenshot of Minecraft-pi using GIMP or scrot doesn't work

I captured a screenshot of Minecraft Pi while I was playing it by pressing the "Prt Sc" button on my keyboard, but when I opened the image it shows the window with nothing in it: This happens with ...
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Unexplained scrot screenshots

First, about a week ago, i saw a series of screenshot files attributed to scrot separated by a second in my home directory, e.g. 2016-06-25-02030[1-9]. I was working on something that required me to ...
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Is there a snip equivalent on Raspbian?

I use snip all the time on windows for taking screenshots. Is there something similar in raspbian? Note: I wish to take screenshots in the raspbian desktop environment, (LXDE). My desktop details ...
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How to monitor and analyze screenshots from multiple Raspberry Pi kiosks?

I have setup with 10 Raspberry Pi kiosks that run Chromium in full screen, and that works great most of the time. To make sure all monitors are working ok they have cronjob that sends screenshots via ...
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