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This tag is for software and hardware relevant to assembling stored fragments/samples of sound data into audible sounds that approximate a (human) voice. It is a sub-set of material that could be tagged "text-to-speech" as it represents the second half of that process - consider using THAT tag if it is more appropriate e.g. for matters relating to parsing textual representations of information.

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How could I use to get speech to text on my webpage running python script

I want the speech to be recorded by raspberry, send it to and then get the response on my page(wich is actually the .py script and according to which I could run my conditions). Actually its ...
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Project text-to-speech for a blind parent

My first post here. (I sincerely hope it's within the scope of allowed posts I didn't know where else to turn). I plan to do a project for a ninety-year old mother who is rapidly losing her eyesight ...
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Speech Synthesis issues ? Dalek / HAL

I have installed 'espeak' , 'Festival' and 'Flite' (the cut-down version of 'Festival' for ARM) ; and the former two seem to suffer from a very similar problem: they both start reading text files just ...
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HDMI sound: omxplayer works but not aplay

I want to use text-to-speech programs like festival and espeak, but they don't produce any sound. I'm able to play sounds with omxplayer, but aplay, festival, and espeak are all muted. I've tried ...
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Text to Speech Using Apache Web Server

I have Apache Web server installed on my Raspberry Pi. I was wondering If I could use javascript,html, and php to create a webpage where the user types some text into a text field and then that text ...
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Speech processing on the Raspberry Pi

I want to do speech processing on Raspberry Pi to detect specific people (something like unique identification). I would prefer to use only the on-board processor for this, you could assume that ...
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Text To Speech Select Output Device

I saw many tts engines, like festival, espeak, etc.. I wanted to know if any of these could select the output device, like an USB sound device. If it's possible, what the command line to make it ...
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Has anyone got a Text to Speech engine installed?

Just wondering whether anyone has got a Text to Speech engine installed on the Pi?It would make a great addition to almost any programming project to make it talk to the user!
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